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What’s Black and White and goes anywhere?
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It is obviously wedding season because we just got asked again (for the umpteenmillionth time) to help a customer find something to wear to one such occasion due to take place in hot weather.
wedding umbrellas in black and white
We, of course, always want to help, but shopping for special events is tricky because it’s a “feeling” they are shopping for, not just clothes. They don’t want to spend too much, she is wearing this and she is wearing that, it has to be pink or…, the ceremony is at the beach, their husband wants them to wear green, the bride wants yada-yada-yada and on and on it goes. Not much leeway huh? Honestly, helping with everyday clothes is much easier.

So, may I make a suggestion? Think black and white. Why?

      Because it never goes out of style
      It is available for purchase year round
      It is appropriate for any event
      It might already be in your closet

First of all, black and white are truly classic. They have been around since the dawn of woman. I bet 95% of American women own at least one pair of black pants and black shoes. And a white blouse or tee shirt is maybe even more commonly found. They are “go to” pieces.

Secondly, there is not one day out of 365 that we do not have a black pant (or more than one) for sale in our store. And there is barely a day we do not sell one either. There are even stores that sell nothing but black and white.

And, furthermore, there is almost always at least one person (besides me) at any dressy event I’ve ever been to who is wearing black and white. I’ve seen it at funerals, concerts, ballets, reunions, theatre, christenings and these days even weddings.

So, look through your closet. Don’t you have a black skirt or palazzo pant that you can dress up? And if you don’t, we do. Right now I have several black pants hanging in my closet that I can pair up with my white crochet top or white lace blouse and they’ll take me anywhere.

Personally I would rather save my sheckles for an item I am going to wear more than for one I “felt” was appropriate for a particular special event. Furthermore, I refuse to shop when I’m under pressure to find something, so black and white are my “go tos”. Then if I need a touch of color I simply add it in my shoe or handbag or both. To be really honest, I’m so into neutrals these days that sometimes the only color I often have on is on my toenails. Do you know blue is the latest trend these days on that part of the anatomy? I haven’t tried it yet. Sometimes I can be a bit slow. Oh well!
Off the Cuff is a periodic casual review of fashion styles, attitudes and trends by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

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