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I found it!

My pantone periwinkle color of the year.

Guess where I found it?

Well. . . no big surprise! There was already a beautiful periwinkle cardi sweater in my closet hiding in the back depths of the “put away for Spring” stuff. Something I purchased at the end of the season and, no doubt, thought it a great bargain.

Go figure! Of course I would already have that color lurking somewhere.

Odd though! This would not be one of my favorite colors to purchase.. Maybe I was just a bit clairvoyant and wanted to have it ready for 2022. Believe me. . . Pantone gave me no hints about the “color of the year” for 2022. However, after reading that it flatters most skin and hair color tones, my adrenalin pumps and I’m excited to pull it out of the depths and start playing with how to wear it.

Which leads me to Jackie O’ and her enigmatic quote and column dressing as a fashion statement.

As I looked back at the many pictures of Jackie in her beautiful outfits that we all admired, I think her “marble column” encompasses her approach to fashion. For Jackie, a timeless and basic ensemble was the most classic and imposing thing to wear

Nothing is more classic in making a fashion statement than a column of color. You all know what I mean by a column of color, don’t you? If not, simply put, it means you wear the same color from shoulder to hemline creating a slenderizing column. Most of us think of black as that column but it really can be any color, including white. The column gets even taller if you wear a hat and shoes in the same color. This style of dressing is very popular among women for its ease, modern and streamlined look and for the slimness created through the use of one color.

So… while it is both easy and stylish and classic, let’s not let that column become boring. How do we do that? Well. . . I’m going to put my new periwinkle cardigan over a column of either navy blue or black and perhaps add an accessory like a scarf or necklace, statement earrings or animal print bag to highlight the column and give it an interesting twist so as not to bore myself or anyone else. If the coat, jacket, sweater cardigan or kimono that you add to the monochromatic column is at least hip length or even longer, you slenderize the column even more. And, of course, you add the punch that steps it up a notch.


And, knowing me. . . I would probably add all those accessories. However, since learning at my last osteoporosis screening that I’m growing shorter by the year, I’ll try to elongate the column with the fedora hat (which I’m actually really tempted to buy as it is on sale) and the boots. Throw in the crossbody zebra bag for added texture and pattern and a Greek column has been chiseled.

After doing a bit of looking around (well, more than a bit) I found a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing a column of color that she punched up with her jewelry, signature sunglasses and handbag. I’m sharing it to illustrate the fashionable column and because I found it so unique in that I don’t recall seeing Jackie in anything but beautiful dresses, suits and pillbox hats. So wanted to share just for fun.

Hope I’ve inspired you just a bit to find your choice of a color column somewhere in your own closet and then add the outer layering piece and/or the accessories to give it your own stamp of “fashion” approval.

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