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To Flip or To Flop
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to flip or to flop
flipflops“Makes one ponder so oft’ with a stop.
With a bear foot, must give us cause.
Aye, there’s the rub.” Oh for a pause!
And thus the colors remembered
The pangs of decision bring
With this regard to royal, orange, yellow,
gold, pink, lavendar or red
The choice of which doth puzzle the will.
Choose one receiving all the glitter
Only to cause the foot to sing.
Sunshine approaches!
Hark! We have Ilse Jacobsen
flip flops for Spring.
Available in 7 colors from Ilse Jacobsen and only $36.
click the flip flops above to see the image in full size

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Sound Styles Soundings  

A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you.

In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you already own, and added a mini stripe top in browns and blues.

To this we added another pattern in browns in the zip jacket.  Then we finished it off with another bigger stripe scarf in tan and white.

We simply mixed all shades of browns and more than one stripe together.  Voila!

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