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When one goes looking for quotes, one never knows what one is going to find. This one from Patricia (“one of the most accomplished prose stylists in the fantasy genre”) just fell into place and tugged the heartstrings even though I must admit that I’m not sure if she meant the flower, the snail or just the beautiful color of periwinkle itself. I’ll be humble and reject the gold and the black pearls (and, by all means the snail) and go for the color of the flower.

Drum Roll Please! Ta Da!

With those glowing words of description, who isn’t going to love this year’s color? As a matter of fact, periwinkle turns out to be one of those “universal” colors that is going to love all of us right back. Meaning that most every skin tone will be complimented by some shade of periwinkle, depending on whether you want to absorb its gentle and calm nature or its more elegant, and even spiritual aspect if you pick a deeper shade of periwinkle. And, for goodness sake, who doesn’t want everlasting love?

And, not wanting to get too detailed about this year’s color, but wanting to give you all a bit of FYI:

Periwinkle is a tint of the color indigo and takes its name from the beautiful ground cover flower Vinca Minor ( or periwinkle). It has a hint of purple because it sits between blue and violet. It is also called lavender blue. Anyone remember Dinah Shore?

Pantone’s color of the year is a big deal and pops up everywhere from interior design to fashion. Not sure it’s going to fit into my interior design, but I will be looking to wear a periwinkle something or other coming soon.

How about you? dilly dilly!

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