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Quote of the Week:

So. . . picture this! While I’m getting the store presentable for opening yesterday, pushing the vacuum cleaner from front to back and windexing a glass shelf or two, my eyes kept wandering to a certain rack where temptation calls my name.

Mind you…. I’m asking myself all the same questions I hear from you when shopping in the store. Do I really need that? Don’t I already have enough of that color combination in my wardrobe? Didn’t I just buy a black and white top from that same label? Didn’t I just promise myself that I wouldn’t buy another black top or pant? What would I wear this top with?

Ooo… I really do love the tunic style of that piece and it’s quite different from the crop top I bought last month. I’ve seen it on customers and it is so flattering. I’ve been “thinking”about it for days now and I can still hear Mary egging me on with her encouraging words, “you know you want it. . . so just buy it!”

You guessed it!

I’m a goner!!! The Masai black and white tunic top is in my “shopping cart.”

Two colors in your closet today, technically, aren’t colors. But these two colorless colors offer us limitless choices for both casual and dressy occasions. It’s hard to top a more stylish outfit than one that’s all black and white. There might be those who say you need color to be exciting. However, the stellar contrast between black and white is sure to capture anyone’s attention and be appropriate for any occasion. Coco Chanel called their independent beauty “absolute.” And their combination “is the perfect harmony.”

When in doubt about what to wear, a first “go to” is always black and white which is easy enough for casual wear, stylish enough for the office and elegant enough for special occasions. Black and white is classic, always on trend and SLIMMING. . . words we all love to hear.

And. . .

You probably already have the elements of black and white in your closet so you won’t need to spend a lot to achieve that “fashionista” look when you step out your front door.

The obvious, easiest way to achieve “the look” is to invest in pieces that already incorporate the black and white in their print, stripes or dots. Voila! You’ve got the look down pat. Just put the printed top or bottom with a contrasting solid. A simple white shirt with a black pant and an accessory or two of black and white also achieves the look.

So… there aren’t too many tips that I could offer here because putting black and white together is relatively simple. Just don’t make the mistake of looking like the waiter at your upcoming dinner date by stopping at just a white shirt and black pants. Add a few more “layers” of interest to take the outfit from sterile to stylish.

For avoiding that mistake, I will show you the top that I bought and make a few suggestions as to how to style a black and white outfit.

Accessory options are endless with black and white which makes it so fun to work with. While certain accessories like scarves and jewelry are obvious, never discount the power of sunglasses, shoes and handbags as accessories. They highlight and compliment an outfit in an instant.

Next, bring in texture combining. Patent sandals, pebble textured clutch, shiny jet black beaded necklace and a soft silky scarf can all add textured interest to the black and white print of my top. These same principles would also apply to a basic white shirt and black pants by bringing in extra layers of style.

Last but certainly not least. . . add a splash of color, as I did with the red in the scarf and, most important, the shoes. Color options are endless as you make black and white the canvas for whatever colors you love.

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