Tianello Tour 2014 performing near you   First Stop… Sound Styles, Edmonds Tianello visits Sound Styles in Edmonds this January for an exclusive engagement. Appearing for the fist time, surrounded by a cache of new Spring fashions featuring Comfy and Renuar, new Tianello items promise to deliver a truly enchanting clothing performance.  Continue reading “TIANELLO Live!!”

Falling for Fall, right out of the box

Literally out of the box just today are some fabulous fall pieces from Bryn Walker… clothing where simplicity, beauty and comfort are primary.  Give them an A+ for sophistication and looks yet they are easy to care for and great for travel.  What more could you want?  And it’s very nice to say, they are made in theContinue reading “Falling for Fall, right out of the box”

icantoo…. And so can you!

icantoo…. And so can you! Free-Spirited and Fun!    Sound Styles Soundings  STAFF PICKS I’ve noticed more and more customer requests these days for homegrown clothes… clothes that are “made in the USA.” Our newest shipment of icantoo tops are proud to be made in California.  Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, they offer softness andContinue reading “icantoo…. And so can you!”