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Quote of the Week:

Indulge me please! I’m feeling a bit sad and somewhat nostalgic tonight and these words want to be said.

To live and work in a small waterfront town brings so many joys. Joys, however, that get scattered here and there with many a sorrow.

You can’t be in business for nearly 35 years and not become deeply attached to “regular customers” as if they are friends and members of the family. Without a doubt, it is one of the “perks” of having a shop in a small town.

Over the past twelve months and more, our family has lost too many of you and we feel and mourn the loss. Our hearts hurt when we know that your happy faces will no longer bring us the joy we felt when you walked through our door and asked us to help you find just the perfect thing. Or when you stopped by to simply say hello and keep us company by catching up on the latest news of your lives.

Or when you remembered us with a small token of this or that. . . telling us we’re in your thoughts. Or when you poked your head in the front door just to ask “what’s new?” As regulars, you were familiar with the weekly, if sometimes daily, deliveries that come through those front doors and you didn’t want to miss a thing, especially the chance to grab your size in something that caught your fancy.

Like family, we accepted and embraced you whether the mood was uplifting or the tone of the day was not so stellar. It all came with the territory of friendship and life and what challenges, sorrows and joys come to pass for all of us.

Most of all, we will miss each of you for the pure joy of your company, friendship, laughter and the feeling of community that you brought to Sound Styles. We will speak of you often and recall good memories. Know that our hearts have been touched by the footprints of each and every one of you and though our hearts may hurt for a while, your presence in them will not fade.

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