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She walked through our door a few days back, declaring “I need some retail therapy.”

Following close behind was said husband who offered up “I’m just the chauffeur.”

Now we all know what “retail therapy” means. Let’s get a little or maybe even a lot “high” with something new. This moment of euphoria could come from The Wooden Spoon or The Papery or The Edmonds Theater or. . . well, you get the idea!

We at Sound Styles are always euphoric when you choose us for your therapy. On that day, this particular lady got a retail fix that made everyone happy.

Well. . . said husband? . . . maybe not so much. Except that I got the distinct feeling that he too wanted her to be happy and, if new additions to her wardrobe would do the trick, then he was happy to oblige. What a great husband is that!

While doing some poking around for this week’s topic, I bumped into one of the biggest fashion trends for 2022. Have you heard of it? It’s called “dopamine dressing?” You know. . . named after the happy hormone in our brains that when set loose by a great movie, book, meal or new sweater makes us feel good and gives us an emotional lift.

Turns out, however, that those happy hormones begin their fashion journey when we first begin to think about going shopping. So, it’s not just the purchase of something new to wear. . . it’s the window shopping, the stimulus of being in an environment full of color, texture, design, etc. And, of course, it’s both the anticipation of and then the actual wearing of something new. All along that journey, dopamine is flowing and raising our happiness level.

Bright colors are big for spring and play a huge part in dopamine dressing. We all know for certain that colors can lift our moods. Fashion is a language and color is a way to communicate. There’s an entire psychology of color available to us. Red is stimulating. Yellow can boost our energy. Green is soothing and blue tends to be peaceful. Color is powerful but one needn’t overanalyze to know which colors we gravitate to and which ones lift our moods. There is no right or wrong, as each of us is unique in what color choices “float our boats.”

Spring is spilling out all over. All over the racks and rods of Sound Styles. Colors are bursting out of boxes and the multitude of styles is ringing all our bells.

Feeling terrific in an outfit of our choice can set free those happy hormones. From the feel of the fabric to the cut of the clothes and the color of each item, how we dress has an incredible impact on how we feel.

Please come visit us soon for a little lesson on dopamine dressing. We’re up to the task!!

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