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Quote of the Week:

And, metaphorically speaking, in this moment Sound Styles is a coat of many colors. Colors that sing and praise the gloriousness of the upcoming season. There is an amber nugget here and a garnet nugget there and one of citrine right over there and then there is the softness of smoky topaz scattered here and there and everywhere. We might as well have been plucked up by the proverbial tornado in the Wizard of Oz and plopped right into some quaint New England town. It’s pure bliss!

I love walking to work and opening the door to the visual that awaits me these days. How often did I hear today. . . “I love the colors”? Vibrant and arresting, they are colors that bring comfort and joy to the eye of so many who also adore the Autumn of the year.

Too many times to recall.

How many “gems” went home today with the happy faces of those who purchased a new sweater or coat or tee shirt in one of Autumn’s colors?

Too many times to count.

“I just love this shade of green,” Susan said when at the front desk.. “I can’t wait to wear my new sweater.” (One of our new sweaters from FOIL)

“Look at all the mustard yellow in the racks,” Molly said excitedly. Of course she meant the color not the condiment, as she grabbed several tops to try on. “Just love this color!”

“Brown is a favorite color of mine and I’ve been waiting too long to see it return,” Staci told me as she brought our new Karen Kane hooded sweater to the desk for purchase.

Okay! So I’m pushing the season a bit. Officially, Autumn isn’t even here yet but here I am pulling all the velvet pumpkins out of storage and decorating the dining room table with leaves and candles and those velvet pumpkins. Not to mention that Shelly is already hard at work on the Halloween scarecrow.

While I will miss the longer days of daylight, I will embrace the candlelight that compensates just a bit.

How am I doing? Have I colored within the lines of an Autumn day enough to entice you just a bit to want to see what’s new in the store? I thought of putting lots of pics in this post to illustrate but then thought again…. the mystery of what those “gems” of sweaters and coats and tops look like might entice you even more.

Then again! One more thought. How about this?

The only way my walk to work will get even better is when the actual real leaves start to change and tumble and paint the landscape with their color.

October awaits!!

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