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I know! I know! Don’t even say it. There’s still a month to go. I just can’t help but feel a touch of spring in the air.

I realize that I’m being quite optimistic here and while I don’t know who Hal Borland is. . . I’m pretty sure he’s not from the Pacific Northwest as I do believe that Spring, over my many years of living here, has skipped one turn or two.

However, there was a sunny day last week that buoyed my hopes. My early blooming tete-a-tete daffodils are about to tap dance in the garden and make a show of it. The sarcococca (vanilla plant) is in full aroma and even grabbing the attention of the instacart shopper who was delivering my groceries.

“What is that heavenly aroma?” she wanted to know. I explained that the warmth of the sun brings out that delicious aroma in my beautiful ground cover.

Found myself outside that day watering a few pots here and there…. you know, the ones that don’t get rain water. Hope “springs” eternal! And, miracle of all miracles, my hands weren’t white from the cold.

Today I choose to believe that spring will come sooner rather than later.

Then there’s those pretty floral prints in the store right now. Feminine, romantic, happy prints that may definitely be Spring’s best au revoir to winter.

Pair the floral with a bit of embellishment on a crop denim. All you need is some white tennis shoes.

Pair the floral with white jeans and add a Birky sandal.

And yes! The floral is sleeveless. So what! Just add the coral boyfriend cardi or a denim jean jacket with either the denim or white bottoms and you’ve softened the look and covered the arms.

One last “word of wisdom” (presumptuous on my part, I know!) But bare with me!

If you think that curtains, pillows and wallpaper wear print and pattern well but you wouldn’t consider wearing them yourself, you’re not alone.

Don’t reject prints for fear of looking too young or too matronly ’cause that puts you in a never ending state of simplicity. Believe it or not, prints can be the spice of life without being a megaphone for fashion don’ts.

Keeping in mind that rules can be broken and have exceptions, here are two simple and very general rules to follow for the wearing of prints.

Wear a pattern under something more neutral. The easiest way to incorporate a print into your current wardrobe is to find a print that you can put under something—for example, a printed top underneath a boyfriend sweater or denim jacket or polished blazer.

And: pay attention to the scale of the print so as to match it to your body shape. Large prints increase volume, whereas small prints decrease volume. If you’ve been graced with the gift of height, then larger scale prints are good on you. Whereas, they might overwhelm a shorter lady and she should find prints that have a smaller scale.

Don’t let it wear you. . . you wear it!! That way you can gravitate to any pretty print and design and find a way to incorporate it into your closet.


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