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It’s WonderFall !
a welcome to the new autumn season
leaves in Fall
fall top small
As I walked my black lab Trooper early this morning through our woods and across our stream bed I couldn’t help but notice the multitude of yellow leaves under foot. Strange, I thought. It’s only mid August. Childhood memories flooded my mind. Oh how we raked leaves every fall in the back yard of our childhood wooded lot up on 88th. Mostly maple leaves. We’d pile and jump. Repile and jump. We’d climb on top of the dog house and one of our cohorts would hand us the rope swing tied high up in the old tree. Had to hit the target right on or tears could come, but that didn’t stop us.  What a memory!
What do you like most about the fall season?
Do you have a favorite memory?

please click the image above to see the full sized version of this new Tribal top in its full array of autumn color

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