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New Temptations!
Staff Picks from us to you!
In walks Mike with today’s UPS delivery.
new mary smallWhat’s going to tempt us today?” Jenny’s ‘Golden Girls’ wonder out loud to one another.
Doesn’t take long before Mary has found her favorite…. “look at this tunic top!” she exclaims with excitement. “I love the mixed textures and prints. So unique and it’s already layered for you. I could wear this with jeans or velvet pants. It’s lightweight and would pack easily too. Might just have to take this with me on my upcoming trip in November.”
new julie smallJulie agrees with Mary’s choice but has a pic of her own. “The tunic is cute,” she agrees, “but look at this cowl neck sweater. Kind of has my name written all over it. Love the mixture of animal print and solid. Would be so cute with our herringbone black jeans.”
There’s lots to tempt us all in the new shipment from Alison Sheri. Cardigans, pullovers and tops galore. Come look before they all get scooped up!

        (click each image above to view the full size picture)

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Out of the Box, Tribal
new arrivals just in our store
click here to view the image in full size please
Are you seeing red for Fall? We are! Here’s a little look at what just came out of the box from Tribal
A lace printed red jean pairs just darling with the striped, super-soft long sleeve top. Throw in the unexpected cobalt blue quilted “poofy” vest & guess what? You’re ready for Fall.
     Come get it.

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O F F   T H E   C U F F
Spinach and Clothing?
Sound Styles Soundings
So what do spinach and womens clothing have to do with each other?
No, textile scientists haven’t yet figured out how to make fabric from spinach.  And no, color trend forecasters aren’t calling the new green “spinach”.  Actually, I made my own connection between the two several weeks ago when we were deeply involved in showing fall clothes.

Fall fashions this year are indeed beautiful but so unlike what we’ve worn in past seasons.  This seasons fashions have been, and continue to be, all about what I refer to as “stuff”.  By that I mean details.  It’s about ruffles, ruching, uneven hemlines, texture, big accessories, decorative zippers, large prints, etc.

Customers were commenting left and right, “no, that’s not me” when I’d show them something new.  Some were quite reluctant even to try them on.  Seeing a trend developing, I finally said to one woman, “do you have kids?” and she answered, “yes”.  Then I made my move and asked, “did you encourage them to taste spinach before they said they didn’t like it?”.

Most parents did that, right?  What could she say?  So far not one person has answered no and I’ve asked quite a few.  So I grab the item in question and into the dressing room they go.  “Just taste” I say.  “You might like it”.  And they often do!

Did you teach your kids to taste spinach?
Off the Cuff is a periodic casual review of fashion styles, attitudes and trends by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

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