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For those of you who love to wear color…be prepared. The news is bright. Fresh off the truck by Tribal, the Tropical Twist collection features just that. Showcasing two favorites, Orchid Rose and Violet, the collection is not only about bright color paired with black and white, but also about mixing textures for a fresh, new seasonal feel.
“Really?”, you may ask when you see those stripes flirting with those florals or tie dyes.

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Yes, the “oh, really?” season has begun here at Sound Styles as we once again begin to pass along the newness of Spring 2014 to you. And, once again, it is our pleasure to do just that. Hope you’ll follow along. To Spring!

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F a l l   T r e n d s   2 0 1 3Fall Bannertex_astex_bcs

      Do’s and Don’t’s for Fall Fashion 2013

      Do invest in eye-catching outerwear but
      Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, texture and length.

      Don’t put away your animal prints just yet.
      Do play with different colors of leopard such as green.

      Don’t shy away from layering.
      Do “spice” it in shades of cinnamon, cumin, cayenne & nutmeg.

      Don’t put that tweed over-sized sweater on the back shelf.
      Do pair it up with ankle boots and skinny jeans.

      Don’t be afraid to mix lace and crochet.
      Do put them together with a new pair of print pants.

      Don’t overlook those denim shirts.
      Do pair one up with a floral print.

      Do put on a sparkly camisole and
      Don’t be afraid to wear it with your jeans.

      One last big Don’t…
      Don’t match! It’s in the fashion past!

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Go Navy!

Navy blue is as basic as black!

Boring?  Never!

Add colors…. orange, raspberry, pink or other shades of blue. And, yes…. even black.

A great transitional color that works! Come see our selection!

Go Navy!


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