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That Spring Thing!

As the seasons change, so goes my closet!

“Just where does it go?” you might ask.

When summer turns to fall and winter to spring, I actually take pleasure in the ritual swap out of one season’s clothes for another. I find it transformative. Not only is the closet more aesthetically pleasing once the switch has been made but I find, happily, that what was put away from the last season is always like greeting dear old friends. Not to mention that I often will purchase something on a “super” mark down from the previous season. One that I purposefully don’t wear and stow away… only to be pleasantly surprised when I haul it out. I’ve already purchased something new for the upcoming season.

Then there’s always those “iffy” stinkers that don’t look so appealing any longer. “What was I thinking?” comes to mind. While I might have known it at the time but being rather lazy about it, I put them away in storage anyway only to reinforce my initial assessment when they are brought out the next season. “Ugh! What was I thinking?”

How about you? Don’t you love to put away those chunky sweaters and bring out the summer tops? Then again… for me it’s vice versa. Strictly a fall sort of lady, I can’t wait to bring out those sweaters and put away the much too unflattering summer tops. You know the ones I mean. The ones that don’t hide much of anything about the areas of our figure that need a good camouflage.

Alas… it is Spring and my favorite Fall clothes are destined for the back nine.

Okay… that still doesn’t answer the question you asked. Where does my closet go?

Years ago and still living in the family home, I had closets everywhere to store seasonal clothes. Since downsizing, I’ve had to get creative. Under the bed comes to mind. Under the stairwell where I have to crawl in at least five feet to reach a rod that was installed just to accommodate my shorter tops and accessories so they don’t have to drag along the floor. I’m coming to dread that “crawl” more and more each and every year. Then there’s the extra long coat closet at the top of the stairs where I must bring out everything in order to find what I stored from the previous season at the very back. Whew! I’m exhausted already at the prospect of doing the seasonal change even one more time.

So… what do I do about that?

This year I just gotta downsize the wardrobe as well as the space. Now is the time to re-think what I wear and how often do I really wear it. Life has changed rather drastically of late and so have my daily outfits. To say that I have no will power for resisting beautiful clothes is an understatement. Oftentimes, I even find myself purchasing clothes that don’t fit my lifestyle. Wishful thinking perhaps… wanting to have a different lifestyle? Why am I so attracted to clothes that I will have no place to wear?

That one penchant of mine should help greatly in the decision process of what to keep and what to let go of. But… that means letting go of my wishful thinking as well. No more wondering if someday I’ll have just the right occasion to wear that sequined top. That alone should help me decide what stays and what goes. Then there’s always those “iffy” stinkers that are a certain ‘done deal.’ To the Goodwill they go!

Wait just a minute here! That reminds me. Before our world changed so drastically, Jenny had been mulling over the idea of having a Sound Styles “Gently Used Clothing Sale” including both customers and staff. Hadn’t even begun to work out logistics as yet but we thought the idea sounded both fun and profitable. What say you? Does the idea appeal? Would any of you like to either sell and/or shop our very own ‘consignment’ articles? Maybe we’ll just keep Goodwill waiting a while longer.

I digressed! Back to the subject at hand.

I’ve decided that tomorrow is the day for me to make that last crawl under the stairwell and to haul out everything from the long closet at the top of the stairs. My goal is to keep from putting one thing back under or in either of those spaces. That means when either Goodwill or Sound Styles opens their door again, I’m going to have bags and bags full of donations or consignment pieces.

So be it! I’m getting more and more comfortable with this stay-at-home easy living. No one but me sees me. Not that I ever dressed for anyone but myself. However, I’m surprising myself at just how relaxed my daily outfits have become. Not to mention how long and grey the hair is getting these days. We’ll all have ponytails before you know it.

I set out in this post to give you all kinds of good advice about how to go about switching out a seasonal closet and, instead, went ballistically personal about what it means to me.

What’s up for you guys? Are you getting ready to make the spring switch soon? Will it be a chore or anticipated pastime? Perhaps you don’t need a switch and have ample storage for a year round wardrobe in one designated space. How does your closet go?

Gotta story or great tip about your closet? Please share! We’d love to hear from you.

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