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The Red Christmas Dress
Everyone loves a good Christmas story, right?
One of those stories that leaves a warm glow in its wake?
red dress windowWell, this one started here at Sound Styles, back in October, when we were planning our Christmas window decor. My mom was in the market for a “traditional” window display. She didn’t say it, but traditional to her meant that displays be based on the true meaning of Christmas and being thankful.  But how do you do that? So, when Shelly did her interpretation of traditional, with  red and green decorations and, in addition, dressed one of our mannequins in a strapless red dress that she fashioned from red foil wrapping paper, my mom came close to blowing a gasket and she told me so.  “The window needs to display our clothes”, she said.
I calmed her down and explained that people walking by seemed to enjoy the Little Red Dress. They’d stop, look and often smile. Several people had even come in to say so. She backed off. But only for a while. I found myself defending that dress several more times. Then a customer came in and announced that there was only one item in our whole store that she wanted to try on, and guess what it was? We had a good laugh. So,the dress stayed in the window where it was greatly enjoyed until just a couple days ago. Then it got a new home. You see, Stanley (who periodically shops for his wife in our store) wanted to have some fun and give it to his wife for Christmas. Yep, you read that right! So Mary undressed the mannequin and wrapped up the LRD in a box with a ribbon and watched for Stanley to visit Starbucks across the street from us, which he did that very afternoon. He was surprised and absolutely delighted when Mary delivered the package to him.
Later that evening I received an alert on my phone, and it was Stan’s wife. She had posted online that she had opened the gift, loved it, but would have to exchange it for a larger size. Ha!
Pretty good story, huh? Well it doesn’t end there.
I ran into Stanley the next morning at Starbucks and he greeted me with a big hug and told me how she’d had to open the package and just how much fun they’d had doing so. Best Christmas gift he’d ever given and it wasn’t even washable!
Nope. It still isn’t over.
Then I had lunch with my dear brother,who has dealt with Type 1 Diabetes most of his life and recently had his leg amputated, and I was telling him the LRD story because it encompasses much of what Christmas means to me. To me it’s about excitement and wonder and joy – my true meaning. He said we should have Shelly do a New Years paper dress and people could bid on it and we could give the money to a charity. Then she could do a paper Valentine’s dress, a paper St. Patrick’s dress,etc.  You get the picture.
Upon returning to the store I filled Julie and Shelly in on the paper dress lunch conversation and they had just been talking about the same idea. Wow! They were both excited.
red dress smallWhen I told my mom that evening how that “gasket blowing” LRD had brought smiles to so many faces she got a tear in her eye. Maybe we could donate the money to the Diabetes Foundation I asked her. The tear rolled down her cheek. So our non-traditional window display of 2013 will always be remembered as the LRD surprise blessing to many. Hmmmmmm… funny how things work.
Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us.
May you each find your own Christmas story and may the true excitement, joy and wonder of Christmas fill your hearts.
~Dolores, Jenny, Mary, Julie and Shelly


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