Happy Summer!

            Jenny says, summer colors and styles for you…   Summer is upon us and in honor of much anticipated warm weather we are featuring fresh linen styles by both FLAX and Bryn Walker and fun vacation clothes by Om Girl, Tumbleweed and Sacred Threads. Colors are both tropical and fruity.  So, come get ’em while you’reContinue reading “Happy Summer!”

Karen Kane meets Bryn Walker

Karen Kane meets Bryn Walker…    Scene 1:   Early morning.  Our heroine puts on her favorite new chandelier blouse from Karen Kane.  As she pads off to the kitchen for morning coffee, a thought arrives, “Cute, however… “ Scene 2:   “Ooh!  (aha moment!)  What would happen if I added that funky Bryn Walker overpiece?”, she wonders out loud between yawns.  She stretchesContinue reading “Karen Kane meets Bryn Walker”

Falling for Fall, right out of the box

Literally out of the box just today are some fabulous fall pieces from Bryn Walker… clothing where simplicity, beauty and comfort are primary.  Give them an A+ for sophistication and looks yet they are easy to care for and great for travel.  What more could you want?  And it’s very nice to say, they are made in theContinue reading “Falling for Fall, right out of the box”