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Quote of the Week:

How true! How true! Mr. de la Renta has hit the mark. Accessories are the icing on the cake when they accentuate or highlight what you are wearing. And. . . they are so much fun to play and be creative with!

So with that said. . .

Accessories can be almost failsafe as a gift whether for you or someone else. No need to worry about size and most women, no matter age or personal taste, use accessories with their clothing.

Who doesn’t love a new necklace, scarf, bag or pair of gloves?

Well. . . there might be a few who would prefer something from Sugarboo. A delightful company with whom we have formed a friendship that gives us a wonderful selection of “accessories” like leather bound journals, fragrance lotions and inspirational quotes on items from zip canvas bags to wall hangings. If you are in need of a stocking stuffer or last minute gift for someone special, come check out the Santa Savings for this last week before Christmas.

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So we don’t have a one horse open sleigh.

We might however be able to help fulfill the so called four gift rule for Christmas wishes.

Ever hear of this idea for kids? 

One item that you want.

One item that you need.

One item to wear.

One item to read.

Might the idea translate well to adults?  Let’s see!

Perhaps your recipient of said gift wants a new sweater or jacket or blouse just to make them feel special. We got it!

Perhaps your recipient needs a new warm scarf or gloves or pair of socks or even a bit of joy in a new bra. We got it!

Perhaps your recipient has a special item to wear on their wish list. Well that’s us everywhere in the store. We got it!

Now….for #4  Believe it or not, we even have that one item to read. Our new Sugarboo accessories abound with inspirational cards and posters to read. They are all over the store and would be great additions to any stocking or use as an enclosure card on any gift.

’Tis the season has begun and we are already gift wrapping. Stop in soon for the best selection of all we have.

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Quote of the Week:

“Love the hat. It and you grabbed my attention.” I told her.

“Thanks,” she replied. “It was a gift from a friend who lives in Europe.”

“Well your friend has great taste and you know just how to wear it. I also noticed the unique way you tied the scarf. Could you share with us your technique?” I asked.

“I’d be happy to show you what I did, if I can remember what I did. I love to experiment and never know where one fold-over is going to lead me.”

So began a conversation between us. . . all because of her red hat and fringed scarf. 

As conversation starters go…

Weather? Kinda boring!

Politics?  Who wants to go there these days?

The Picasso hanging on the wall? Not too awful if there really is a Picasso hanging on the wall.

But the tilt of a hat and the unusual way she tied her scarf? That’s a winner in my fashion world and easily started our conversation.

Ah accessories!!

They really do pack a punch and are as equally important as the basic outfit you are wearing. They punctuate the overall look as your clothing and your accessories work together to create a harmony that expresses your style and who you are.

They are the last layer that can bring magic to an outfit. A simple outfit can have a million dollar look with reasonably priced accessories. They are creative and a fun way to play with your clothes. You can wear the same two articles over several days and change the entire look with different accessories. Accessories can bring attention to those features you want highlighted such as the face, hands, neck, ears and hair. 

Not to mention: accessories make for the perfect gift. They are reasonably priced with no worries about size, etc.

My post today is meant to give just a bit of word power to Jenny’s last two videos which showed you how the store is full to the brim with beautiful scarves, gloves, socks and many more fun accessories. Think Christmas gifts and think about how you might want to add a little extra zing to your own wardrobe.

By now one thing you know about me is my penchant for finding just the right quotes for each post. That “penchant” often spills over into greeting and gift enclosure cards. I’m just imagining what fun it might be to pick out an accessory for a friend or family member and write on the card something like the following:

“Did you say exercise? I thought I heard accessorize!!”

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Quote of the week:

Well drat! Wouldn’t you know! 

I just bought a brown sweater.

I wonder if the poet is equating old age with brown sweaters or, coincidentally, was it a brown sweater he put on that morning when he was feeling the aches and pains of being older. Even though an English major, I’m not one to over analyze so I’ll go with the latter and not get all caught up in symbolism. But he did give me momentary pause to question my new purchase.

FYI: The color itself is making a huge comeback for all seasons, including this spring and summer. As for me, I couldn’t be more pleased. Brown has been hiding out for far too long. And, as it is for every color, brown does come with its own symbolic associations. Brown is a natural color linked to the earth and equates to being wholesome, warm and honest. So there you have it!

But no. . . this post is not about the color of my new sweater.

It’s about the SWEATER! A cardigan sweater to be specific!

I set out in writing this post with the idea of showing how accessories can transform an outfit in an instant. In doing a bit of research, much to my surprise, a cardigan sweater was often listed as an accessory that can do exactly that. . . transform an outfit. Surprised because I’d never really thought of a sweater as an accessory.

A cardigan is a type of knitted sweater that was traditionally made of wool and designed with an open front. This popular garment wasn’t worn until around the mid-1800s so it has a short history. It’s named after James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who was a British Army Major General during the Crimean War and led the charge of the light brigade. Supposedly, he invented the cardigan after noticing that the tails of his long coat had been accidentally burnt off while standing too close to the fireplace. Wow! Now that was one lucky Earl of Cardigan to survive both the war and the fireplace.

Pardon the history lesson. Hope you’re still with me and I haven’t put you to sleep. What can I say? I’m a compulsive looker-upper of minutiae.

While good at keeping away the chill factor and hiding our arms from those cropped and sleeveless tops, the humble cardigan sweater offers much more versatility to our wardrobe. They add elements of color, texture and layering to anything from a casual or even “dressy” dress to a t-shirt or collared blouse to a pencil skirt, high waisted pants or jeans. They are both ageless and timeless.  

From summer to winter, a cardigan can “crown” your outfit, no matter where you’re going or how old you are. Necklaces aren’t the only accessory to make a statement. Think of a cardigan as a “statement piece” in your wardrobe and give it the prominence it deserves.

As one of the most versatile fashion layers, there are so many different styles of cardigans and so many ways you can wear them that trying to define and illustrate all of them would be overwhelming so I put together a visual of a few possibilities.

Since one picture is worth a thousand words, I should probably quit while I’m ahead, as you probably “get the picture.”

Be they of short, long or even no sleeves as in sweater vest. . . be they cropped, jacket or coat length. . . be they asymmetrical or even in hem. . . be they hooded, shawl collared or no collar whatsoever. . . be they buttoned, belted, zipped or just plain open. . . be they striped, flowered, polka-dotted or solid. . . be they slouchy or tailored, think of a cardigan as any season’s investment piece and consider having several in your wardrobe.

the tale of “my new brown sweater”

My tale ends here with this pic (just in case you were curious). Yet one more boyfriend, my obsession of late. My new Karen Kane tie-front top and a pair of black leggings with those ankle boots make me eager for Fall dressing (no affront to Summer). While I would never wear a cropped top with a pair of leggings, the length of a boyfriend cardi covers all the parts I want covered and gives me permission to put the two together.

However, rest assured. . . I will be careful to keep my “tails” away from a fireplace.


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Christmas theme parchment 1
Accessories make the perfect gift! We have a great selection.
  just a few examples are shown below  |  click any of the images to enlarge

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santa tree glove

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