Now Featuring Pure Handknit Sweaters…

Now Featuring Pure HANDKNIT Sweaters at Sound Styles!

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Our own Mary has been repeatedly expressing her desire for us to expand our knitwear collections.  So with our thanks to Mary we are now most pleased to announce and introduce you to the new collection from Pure HANDKNIT that we have brought into our store to offer you!

Pure HANDKNIT’s designs are created and crafted in 100% cotton for wearability and easy care, with each piece knit by hand, a work of both fine craftsmanship and functional art.  We feel you’ll be delighted with their distinctive range of colors and design from the basics to whimsical.

With Sébastien Sirois, president, and Shannon Passero, head designer, the Pure HANDKNIT label stands for inovative fashionable, high quality, eco-conscious clothing with international appeal.

Please ask what we currently have on-hand next time you come to visit our store!

please click to view an expanded Pure HANDKNIT color and design pallet

    The knit examples here represent the range of colors and design produced by Pure HANDKNIT, however the actual designs on-hand in our store at any given time will vary by shipment and availability.

Falling for Fall, right out of the box

Literally out of the box just today are some fabulous fall pieces from Bryn Walkerclothing where simplicity, beauty and comfort are primary.  Give them an A+ for sophistication and looks yet they are easy to care for and great for travel.  What more could you want?  And it’s very nice to say, they are made in the USA.

               Falling for Fall, right out of the box

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Three pieces are especially exciting in design, color and versatility. Shelly and I had great fun opening the box and re-doing the aisle with our newest finds.

Remember the car coat of past?  Well, there’s a new modern version in our short wrap coat with its versatlile length, feminine shawl collar and convenient front pockets.

Then there’s the longer version in our full length wrap coat with its generous collar, easily cuffed sleeves and a cut-away front that flares out to a longer back length.

Add to that our new Branson tunic with dropped shoulders, folded cowl neck and front side pockets… great paired with skinny jeans or leggings and all the coziness of a comfy sweatshirt.  No need to wait for the week-end to don this delicious top.

These pieces are made in a luxurious combination of bamboo and organic cotton and are machine wash warm and tumble dry medium.

The color array is striking from rich golds to warm rusts and earthen greens.
So Bring on Fall!!

Welcome Stella Carakasi “the brand”

      Beginning this Fall, our popular Two Star Dog

      label will now transition into a newly organized line,

      the Stella Carakasi signature label.

Using natural fibers like Boiled wool, Silk and Tencel, this new name is a collection of pieces that combine European flair with a casual lifestyle.     Stella Carakasi has been at the helm of Two Star Dog for over twenty years and is thrilled to see the evolution the designs are taking.

      Fashion is about taking risks and going with what you feel but never losing sight of your vision and conviction.
      ~Stella Carakasi

As we’ve been opening boxes of Stella, we’re thrilled to see how the textures and surprise design details are complimenting our new Fall inventory. Colors too are exciting with shades of peridot and fuchsia fitting into our black and graphite grey neutrals.

Come see if you agree, and try on a new Stella Carakasi piece!

Gypsy Chic

What is life without taking a few risks… especially in your wardrobe! Mixing prints is playful and adventurous, and if you can have fun with anything in life, it should be FASHION!

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You can mix florals, treat stripes as a neutral or wear a little leather and lace simultaneously. What about pearls & jeans or cowboy boots and petticoats? Sometimes the best combinations are the ones that seem an unlikely fit. Remember the first time you tried salt and chocolate together? Yum.

Tianello created the perfect little Gypsy sundress by mixing a few stripes, a splash of tye-dye, a feminine floral print and then completed the look with a delicate embellished embroidery – all mixed-up, like the perfect cocktail.

From knits with brights to spots on dots, these match-ups are begging you to let loose and try something a little crazy.

    Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.
    It’s where all the fruit is.

    ~Shirley Maclaine

How do you know if it goes?

Sound Styles Soundings  

A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you.

In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you already own, and added a mini stripe top in browns and blues.

To this we added another pattern in browns in the zip jacket.  Then we finished it off with another bigger stripe scarf in tan and white.

We simply mixed all shades of browns and more than one stripe together.  Voila!

icantoo…. And so can you!

icantoo…. And so can you!

Free-Spirited and Fun!

Sound Styles Soundings  STAFF PICKS

I’ve noticed more and more customer requests these days for homegrown clothes… clothes that are “made in the USA.”

Our newest shipment of icantoo tops are proud to be made in California.  Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, they offer softness and sheer coolness against your skin… not to mention their yummy ice cream colors.

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Combine vanilla and caramel latté in a pretty burnout tie die effect, this cold-shoulder, dolman sleeve tee is “my pick of the shipment.  This flattering tunic slips on easily, provides one-step style and fits a relaxed, casual lifestyle… perfect to see you through an Edmonds kind of day, or pack and travel with you to far away and warmer shores.
Add a necklace, or even two, and you’ve brought more sparkling radiance to the fun party that is you and dressing well!
Come see the newest arrivals of icantoo and perhaps you can too!

Keep Your Cool With Linen

Keep Your Cool With Linen!

Sound Styles Soundings

Imagine that! A fabric that’s been around for thousands of years is still a fashion “must have.”

And, for good reason… lots of them!

For generations linen clothes have been well received because of the effortless comfort they afford. Attributes such as absorbability and breathability make for airy, lightweight, and comfortable linen garments.

Just picture yourself in this charming, sleeveless, hooded, easy-going spring green linen dress by Flax. Empire waist, side pockets, and mid-calf length complete the picture. Live your life in linen and be Summer ready in an instant!

You’ll look great, feel good and help protect the environment.

Yes! Linen is really that good!

Durable, Stain-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, Hypo-Allergenic, and even provides protection from solar rays.

What more could a lady want?

So… Come see our newest linen selections! Every day, in many ways… from beach to dinner by candlelight, linen should find its’ way into each woman’s closet.

Off The Cuff, About Pants

O F F   T H E   C U F F

What’s Up With Pants!

Sound Styles Soundings
The fashion industry is really efficient when it comes to stretching the range of normal, in evidence this spring by none other than pants.  I noticed this stetch yet again a couple of weeks ago when several “second wave” customers (those that shop when the weather actually changes) began to request black pants that button at a waistband, are full length and plain and are simply functional.  I had nothing to show them!

Aghhh, I thought.  How could I have missed such a basic?  It became even more evident when I began to show them what we did have in pants and I watched their eyebrows raise as far as they could and would go up on their foreheads.

    “Really?” they’d say.  “Can’t wear them to work” or “I’m too old for that” or “What do I do for shoes?” or “Nothing to go with that color.”  You get the picture!

So I knew change was afoot.  Once again, fashion change was marching on.  Has anyone figured out how to stop it?  And fashion change can be a real bugger.  I, for one, happen to like it as long as it’s not on full speed.

But, nonetheness, our (sometimes strange) job is to bring what we think of as the workable part of the changes in fashion to all of you who shop with us.  Yes, it does feel strange to stand up and believe in what we are saying to be workable when we meet such “high eyebrows.”  So thought I’d use my first “OFF THE CUFF” post to relay some new ideas about what’s happening in pants this season.

I was in Europe last summer and thought I was in “Pant Heaven” they were so cool!  Pants were brite colored, all different lengths and often embellished at the ankle.  Even guys were wearing colored capris!  Now those concepts have reached our shores and are raising eyebrows in Edmonds.  I recently told a customer who needed a bit of permission to wear a colored capri that “by the time it reaches both Edmonds and Sound Styles… it’s pretty safe.”  She laughed and bought the capri.  Another customer summed it all up this morning when we were once again passing along new ideas in pants.  She asked, with raised eyebrows, “so the new normal is abnormal?”  Yep, she got it right!

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Off the Cuff is a periodic casual review of fashion styles, attitudes and trends by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer

A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer!

Sound Styles Soundings

Here’s the recipe for one of this seasons hottest trends.
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Take a splash of bold color, take several, look and see how adventurous you feel.  Now mix!  This season’s most eye-catching trend is called Color Blocking.  From brightly colored jeans to vivid accessories, allow your imagination to come out and play!    Let shyness take a break.  Bold color opens the window to your imagination.

By wearing two or more solid colors in a single outfit, you can be as daring or understated as your fashion persona allows.  As we’ve illustrated here color blocking can be subtle or bright as a garden of Spring flowers.

Come see us at Sound Styles and play with the many colors we have for you.  The trend can be fun, attractive, even mood elevating.  We’ll be happy to show you the range of possibilities.

All this in even just one radiant colored scarf!

Come in and say hello.