Quote of the Week:

How true! How true! Mr. de la Renta has hit the mark. Accessories are the icing on the cake when they accentuate or highlight what you are wearing. And. . . they are so much fun to play and be creative with!

So with that said. . .

Accessories can be almost failsafe as a gift whether for you or someone else. No need to worry about size and most women, no matter age or personal taste, use accessories with their clothing.

Who doesn’t love a new necklace, scarf, bag or pair of gloves?

Well. . . there might be a few who would prefer something from Sugarboo. A delightful company with whom we have formed a friendship that gives us a wonderful selection of “accessories” like leather bound journals, fragrance lotions and inspirational quotes on items from zip canvas bags to wall hangings. If you are in need of a stocking stuffer or last minute gift for someone special, come check out the Santa Savings for this last week before Christmas.

Come wave to Santa Clause in our window display on Main Street, Saturday 10-noon!(photo by Larry Vogel @My Edmonds News)

SANTA SAVINGS. . . week two

Quote of the Week:

As humorous as Andy’s satire might be, I question both its validity and his rather judgmental vision. When she walked through our door today with both courage and excited spirit to show off her so-called “ugly” Christmas sweater, Kay was definitely not crying out for help. Rather, she was enjoying every moment of the Christmas fun she brought to the store and to all of us there to share in her glee. Thank you Kay for “making our day” and sharing your spirit with us all. Onward to Engel’s Pub for a bite to eat where she was the ‘hit of the party’ (well. . . the lunch crowd for sure!)

And no. . . no ugly Christmas sweaters have we. However, there is still a great selection of sweaters from labels like Foil, Karen Kane, Tribal and Paper Label available for gift giving to one and all. . . including thee!


Quote of the Week:

And. . . all of us at Sound Styles want to let no present go unopened by not expressing our gratitude to all of you for your friendship and community support through all the thirty six years of our existence but most definitely through these past two years of very poignant and challenging circumstances. You’ve been our “rock” so to speak and we will forever be grateful.

We offer a toast to one and all: There may be better people in the world but we don’t know ’em.

We wish you all the most blessed Thanksgiving.