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Christmas Good News

How about a little Christmas good news from beautiful downtown Edmonds to add some brightness to your holiday season? Two heart warming, throat-lump producing incidents, that I think warrant “reporting”, recently occurred at Sound Styles.

The first “Kodak moment” happened Thursday of last week when an out of town grandma came in with her two year old grandson, Gavin. Gavin spied the 43 inch tall nutcrackers we have on display and went over to one to investigate. Seeing almost eye to eye with the painted soldier, Gavin’s grandma showed him how the jaw worked and then let him open and close the jaw himself. He was mesmerized and proceeded to poke his little fingers in the nutcracker’s nose and stroke his soft beard. Every move Gavin made was executed with such gentleness. I asked Gavin if he would like to have a nutcracker. Yes, you guessed his gentle response. I gave him one of the smaller ones we had on display, put it in a bag for him and, amidst thank you lessons, they departed. The bag was almost bigger than he was.

Then on Friday I looked up to see Gavin and his grandma enter the store. Grandma had taken the enclosed picture which she wanted me to see, but Gavin was carrying a candy cane which he held out to me and said in his sweet small voice, “thank you again for the nutcracker”. Oh, that darn lump! Merry Christmas grandma and Gavin!

Fast forward to Sunday when a young woman entered the store asking if it was too late to participate in our Washington Kids in Transition giving tree. No, I said, there are two days until pick up and 8 items left on the tree. She went on to explain that they had already purchased multiple items that weren’t necessarily ones on the tree and could we just make sure they got to WKIT anyway. Of course we were happy to oblige. Five minutes later she and three others delivered three sleeping bags, three warm blankets, warm boys sweatshirts and socks, girls cuddly jackets, underwear and sox, two balls and a grocery bag full of food items. They were all so happy to give and that darn lump appeared again. That was almost two hours ago now and that darn lump has still not disappeared. Whoever you were, thank you and Merry Christmas!

And that concludes our report for now of Christmas good news from 100 5th Ave N in beautiful downtown Edmonds. Merry Christmas to you all! And Merry Christmas to me!

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Why don’t you become a pin-up girl and join the fun!

Already this early in the year, we’ve been helping many of you shop for travel clothes.

Just by way of reminder:

We have a travel wall and you are hereby invited to become a member and receive a 20% discount on your next purchase simply by bringing us a picture of you in Sound Styles clothes while on your travels.

Psst! (Your journey needn’t be to far away lands. We love pics from near and far to post on our board)

We do request that it be one photo per year.

Have fun wherever your travels may take you and your “selfies” are our treasures.

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      Beginning this Fall, our popular Two Star Dog

      label will now transition into a newly organized line,

      the Stella Carakasi signature label.

Using natural fibers like Boiled wool, Silk and Tencel, this new name is a collection of pieces that combine European flair with a casual lifestyle.     Stella Carakasi has been at the helm of Two Star Dog for over twenty years and is thrilled to see the evolution the designs are taking.

      Fashion is about taking risks and going with what you feel but never losing sight of your vision and conviction.
      ~Stella Carakasi

As we’ve been opening boxes of Stella, we’re thrilled to see how the textures and surprise design details are complimenting our new Fall inventory. Colors too are exciting with shades of peridot and fuchsia fitting into our black and graphite grey neutrals.

Come see if you agree, and try on a new Stella Carakasi piece!

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Welcome to Sound Styles, proud boutique of scenic, waterfront Edmonds, and to our newly recreated and envisioned Soundings newsletter. August 2012
You’ll find us on the northeast corner of the town center’s roundabout. And, you’ll find our newsletter right here on the internet where, in honor of Ollie Bjorback, Jenny’s dad, we again hope to stay in touch with you, our valued friends and customers… to keep you informed, entertained, and share what comes to mind as we journey together here. Your comments or questions to any of our articles are most welcome.

Please, come see us soon. We look forward to the pleasure of your company!

We invite and encourage you to “sign-up” for a subscription to our newsletter,
via the “receive email updates” box on the right, where each new article will be delivered fresh to your email as soon as it is published here.

We also recommend browsing through the TABS at the top of our page, and especially the “About” pages for additional information about the Soundings newsletter and our Sound Styles store.

Best regards, Jenny, Dolores, Mary, Julie and Shelly

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