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Quote of the Week:

Wanna come play dress up with me? Remember. . . playing dress up means coloring outside of the dress-up box, right?

Don’t we all have a gold fedora and a black boa in our closet? Not to mention zebra boots and …. those fluttery, flirty false eyelashes.

Let’s dress up our new Liverpool cardigan and we’ll definitely find some place to go!!

Our Open Front Cardigan Sweater is an effortlessly chic layer so it can go with everything in your closet. Pairs well with denim and is perfect for transitional weather.

Composition: 70% Acrylic, 27% Nylon, 3% Spandex

  • Runs true to size; relaxed fit
  • Animal print
  • Drop shoulder
  • Long sleeves
  • Front patch pockets 
  • Ribbed trim

Hand wash cold/Lay flat to dry/Dry clean

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Your Close Up.

Didn’t we see you in that film last year, the one with you-know-who?  We recall you climbing the stairs of Arnie’s in the opening scene all the while giving your companion a piece of your mind. In comes the zoom lens on that beautiful face in that stunning jacket. 

Ah yes! After all, there can only be one leading lady and she’s definitely no ‘shy thing.’

If you haven’t already added a shacket to your wardrobe, tis the season.

For those not familiar with the term, a shacket is a slightly oversized shirt-jacket and is the absolute “chef’s kiss” for layering and is currently blowing up the fashion scene. What’s so great about it? Thicker than your average shirt, but thinner than a heavy winter coat, they are perfect for layering over fall sweaters or even under an overcoat. Buttoned up as a shirt or effortlessly undone as a jacket, they exude a seriously cool fashion look. The best part? They suit us all no matter what body type or fashion persona. 

From Tribal this longline bold plaid shacket has someone’s name written all over it. The relaxed fit is ultra flattering when paired with leggings or skinny or straight cut jeans. Dress it up with a pencil skirt or a funky fuller skirt paired with your favorite fall handbag and boots and you’re ready to be the star!!




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Hi Ladies!

Just unpacked new from Tribal and my heart did a little pitter pat when I spotted this beauty and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

The classic sherpa jacket gets a modern makeover in animal print, making it your new favourite, whether you’re coming from the gym, picking up groceries, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Not only is this soft fleece a functional staple, but it’s a fashionable addition to your closet. One that you can throw on and step out the door in style.

Want to see it on a model? Take a look and come on in if it does the same to your heartstrings.

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Can you believe it? My garden has already given me its first bouquet… scattered daffodils made an early appearance. Rather than see them quiver in the snow, I brought them in to shed some sunlight on my kitchen. . . at least for a few days.

So yes. . . “hello yellow!” One of Pantone’s colors of the year. And, mind you, not just yellow but ‘illuminating’ yellow.

In his book, Theory of Colors, I think that Johann van Goethe got it right when he noted that. . .

“with yellow the eye rejoices, the heart expands, the spirit is cheered and we immediately feel warmed.”

If colors are the ‘smiles of nature’ as Leigh Hunt once observed, then yellow has perhaps the biggest smile of them all.

Sounds crazy, but color theorists say your body absorbs the vibration of the color you’re wearing which, in turn, affects your brain and can actually alter your mood. I wonder. . . maybe they aren’t kidding when they say ‘put on a happy face and go spread sunshine all over the place.’ And then. . . if theorists are correct, and it does make sense as to why color affects our mood, then putting on a yellow piece of clothing or accessory can’t hurt! I just found myself a new pair of yellow shoes and, knowing me, I will find myself just the right tee or top or hoody cardigan to go with them.

“Hello Yellow!!”

I literally am out of touch with the store and all of its new merchandise. I was just looking again at some of Jenny’s latest videos and I spotted quite a bit of yellow on those racks. Glad to see it represented and its cheery warmth is tugging at me. And then. . . wouldn’t you know it, Shelly sends me a pic of just the right Karen Kane top to go with those new shoes.

Good timing Shelly. Not only do I love the color but I’ve had several twist top tees and they are very flattering. I don’t even have to go into the store to know that I am going to love that top.

Go for it ladies! Find your bit of illumination with a new yellow something!! Be it accessory or complete outfit. Then you too can say “hello yellow.”


On a personal note, I am excited to write that I am returning to Sound Styles. It was March 8th, 2020 that I last locked the door to Sound Styles and walked home not even thinking that it might be an entire year before returning. I am grateful my job has waited for me. Not being able to see you all has left a void. So, my contributions for March will be fashion clues, such as this one, which will appear every Monday. Then April will find me back in the store.

Until then, I hope you enjoy reading more on our blog about fashion and trends and I hope our upcoming posts will help broaden horizons and give confidence to be the best that you can be.

More soon,

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Click on either sample above to view it in an easily readable size.

75% pre-consumer recycled cotton/25% acrylic. Machine wash and dry.
Knit, cut & sewn in the USA (New York). Size: 60″ x 58″.

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Click on either row of Scout jewelry samples above to see larger images.


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A Little Nudge!

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New arrival from Tribal

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