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Our customers have been loving this new line called tulip! Pieces have been flying out of the store window and racks! Literally out of the window because Shelly did a beautiful display this past month with all of our Tulip pieces featured.  So we’re excited to let you know that two new boxes of Tulip have arrived just this week.
Launched in 2010, Tulip Clothing features cotton separates with mixes of weaves and prints and just  enough serious whimsy in their design to capture the imagination of so many of you. Flounced tops and full trousers feel like chic play clothes yet offer comfort and ease of wear. Exceptional artisan and sustainable workmanship makes each piece of Tulip a favorite to mix, match and collect.
With only one piece available in each size (S – XL),  they find new owners quickly so come take a look this weekend and see if there’s a Tulip waiting to blossom in your closet!


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The UPS Man Cometh!

Shadows and hints then drips and dribbles… but patience has its day, and here, now arrived, our first major selection of Fall clothes for you. Come on in for a full-flavored look and see, but meanwhile here’s a taste!
   See you soon.
     Jenny & Julie

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When Rareform founder, Alec Avedissian, walked away from a career in corporate America to clear his head on a six-month surf trip through South America, he was not looking to start a business. However, while living in an impoverished village, he was struck by the image of breathtaking landscapes littered with trash. Following a tip from a friend that billboards could be upcycled and turned into bags, Alec began dreaming of reducing waste in the world through a unique, ecofriendly product line with billboards as the base material for the company.
rareform_classicThus the above pictured Classic Tote was born. Featuring durable heather body fabric, each tote has a soft quilted interior lining that accomodates a laptop and comes with a removable shoulder strap and secure snap closure.
          Great for travel!

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Autumn's Lady
“Just wanted to see what’s new,” Cynthia announced cheerfully as she crossed through our open doorway and stepped inside the shop. “You know me.. I don’t want to miss a thing,” she winked knowingly at me, as if her love for fashion and, especially the new fall clothes, was any secret whatsoever. After all, we had long ago discovered it was a passion we shared. We loved to laugh and speculate that if we ever had the chance to shop together, in some exotic location perhaps, we could do some real damage to both of our pocket books. Only problem was… we both were drawn to the same styles and colors and had such fun finding new ways to put pieces together and discover new “looks” in the process. Should we ever really have the chance to shop together, we might end up in some kind of tug-of-war over the same jacket or blouse or sweater.

No wonder then that I hesitated just briefly in showing Cynthia what was “out of the box” that week.

“Be still my heart,” I thought to myself. “She’ll want that new sweater that’s just calling my name.”

You see…. the policy for employees in the boutique where I work part-time is to wait ten days before we can purchase an item with our discount. Customers should always have first dibs on new merchandise. The exception being, of course, that if we want the article badly enough, we pay full price. An exception that I’m well known for implementing. I’ve come to have a great sense of what might sell quickly and what might not… so I, in turn, have made more than one impulse decision to pay full price. I’d pretty much decided that sweater was all but mine when Cynthia walked through the door.

Such a dilemma. “Do I show it to her or don’t I?” my conscience wrestled with itself.

After all, in my mind’s eye, I was already wearing that sweater……

    First Week-end in October!

    That remote beach cottage on Whidbey (I read about in a magazine) awaits my arrival.

    Sunny skies light up the water on the ferry ride across the Sound.

    Fresh afternoon sea winds permeate the air with that saltiness I so love.

    Autumn’s color has exploded and invades my line of vision, interfering with the drive to Langley’s shore.

    Wearing this ‘stylish’ hand knit sweater, tweed slacks and driving moccasins, I climb the wooden stairs into the island getaway.

    Stretched out on the sofa with the voice of Diana Krall in the background, I begin to sink deeper into relaxation.

    After throwing some driftwood in the fireplace until the crackling burns softly like her music, he brings me a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and whispers, “What’s your wish tonight, dear heart? Would you prefer bacon and potato Autumn chowder or a bowl of the artichoke pasta you love so much?”


Who’s kidding who?  Am I really going to give up that sweater to Cynthia?

New styles of Pure Handknit Sweaters just arrived. Wear one and may your fantasies come true!

Pure Handknit Sweaters… new styles just arrived.  Wear one and may you have a fantasy come true!

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Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color!

colored teesWhile always inspirational, who knew that Van Gogh could be the inspiration for a new pair of jeans?

Color continues to be everywhere in the fashion world.  New arrivals of Jag Jeans and Three Dot tee shirts are sitting upon our shelves already and making us happy to think spring!

white pants
Whether it’s a statement in red or an earthly autumnal tone, colored jeans are a worthwhile investment for your casual wardrobe.  Done right – colored jeans communicate you are modern, fun and vibrant.

While it’s easy to dismiss the trend as only for the young, colored jeans can work at any age depending on three things:

~ finding the right pair for your body
~ your confidence level
~ and, what you wear with them.

There’s much more to tell and share so come in to see our selection and let us help you color your world bright!

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Literally out of the box just today are some fabulous fall pieces from Bryn Walkerclothing where simplicity, beauty and comfort are primary.  Give them an A+ for sophistication and looks yet they are easy to care for and great for travel.  What more could you want?  And it’s very nice to say, they are made in the USA.

               Falling for Fall, right out of the box

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Three pieces are especially exciting in design, color and versatility. Shelly and I had great fun opening the box and re-doing the aisle with our newest finds.

Remember the car coat of past?  Well, there’s a new modern version in our short wrap coat with its versatlile length, feminine shawl collar and convenient front pockets.

Then there’s the longer version in our full length wrap coat with its generous collar, easily cuffed sleeves and a cut-away front that flares out to a longer back length.

Add to that our new Branson tunic with dropped shoulders, folded cowl neck and front side pockets… great paired with skinny jeans or leggings and all the coziness of a comfy sweatshirt.  No need to wait for the week-end to don this delicious top.

These pieces are made in a luxurious combination of bamboo and organic cotton and are machine wash warm and tumble dry medium.

The color array is striking from rich golds to warm rusts and earthen greens.
So Bring on Fall!!

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