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Marjorie Baer



Over 45 years ago, on the steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, began the artistic career of Marjorie Baer. If fashion truly is art, then Marjorie’s jewelry designs are sought after for their unique and eye-catching appeal. Inspired by forms in the natural world, details of both African and Asian art, each piece is comfortable, versatile and made to enhance the style of the wearer. You become the canvas for her creative use of mixed metals, her attention to both comfort and detail and her originality in form and function.

All Marjorie Baer jewelry is made sustainably and ethically in her San Francisco studio. Marjorie works with a small group of innovative and skilled craftsmen to ensure the quality and wearability of each piece. Every item is constructed and assembled by hand with great care and attention to detail. Marjorie Baer jewelry is designed to be worn, so not only is it comfortable but it is hypoallergenic to avoid irritation even on the most sensitive skin.

We’re pleased to say that Marjorie Baer is featured at Sound Styles.

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From wraps and ponchos to berets, gloves and scarves in viscose, polyester and wool blends, Pia Rossini raises the standard internationally for womens fashion accessories.

A new accessory line for us here at Sound Styles, Pia Rossini brings to our table cutting edge trends and quality at affordable prices that we get to pass on to you. We are always excited when this happens. Our first shipment of Pia’s fall scarves has already been well received by many of you and there’s lots more to come.

Stay tuned as we bring to you an extensive accessory “store within our store” for fall. ‘Cuz when they’re hot they’re hot!

Check out this short video. We learned a great new way to tie a scarf and wanted to pass it on to you. Give it a try!

If you would like to see the full video, all ten ways to wear your scarf, please click here – the full Pia Rossini scarf video.

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Click on the video above and see the latest and greatest cover up designed by 26 year old Roshina. Then join us in our store on the 12th to meet a Shawl Dawl up close and personal and purchase one to take home.

$46 for short and $51 for long.

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Tianello panel
Tianello Tour 2014
performing near you
First Stop…
Sound Styles, Edmonds

bobbleTianello visits Sound Styles in Edmonds this January for an exclusive engagement. Appearing for the fist time, surrounded by a cache of new Spring fashions featuring Comfy and Renuar, new Tianello items promise to deliver a truly enchanting clothing performance.
Tianello is a USA based company located in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in eco-friendly garments made from natural fibers. Established in 1992, Tianello has made its mark as “feel good” apparel for women throughout the United States and Canada.
Sure to be a sell out!
Get ’em while they’re hot!
Curtain rises Monday thru Friday at 10 a.m., Sundays at noon.

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Now Featuring Pure HANDKNIT Sweaters at Sound Styles!

click to enlarge image

Our own Mary has been repeatedly expressing her desire for us to expand our knitwear collections.  So with our thanks to Mary we are now most pleased to announce and introduce you to the new collection from Pure HANDKNIT that we have brought into our store to offer you!

Pure HANDKNIT’s designs are created and crafted in 100% cotton for wearability and easy care, with each piece knit by hand, a work of both fine craftsmanship and functional art.  We feel you’ll be delighted with their distinctive range of colors and design from the basics to whimsical.

With Sébastien Sirois, president, and Shannon Passero, head designer, the Pure HANDKNIT label stands for inovative fashionable, high quality, eco-conscious clothing with international appeal.

Please ask what we currently have on-hand next time you come to visit our store!

please click to view an expanded Pure HANDKNIT color and design pallet

    The knit examples here represent the range of colors and design produced by Pure HANDKNIT, however the actual designs on-hand in our store at any given time will vary by shipment and availability.

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