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Waiting to decorate for Christmas until the week of Thanksgiving has always been our thing here at Sound Styles. I know we have a retail store and that that traditionally means making the most of the Christmas selling season, but I just can’t do it. You see, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I don’t want to overlook it. Thanksgiving reminds me of where we come from as a country and of being grateful. It’s a wonderful start to what is a season full of wonder and awe to me. Plus, it is one of the only days of the year that my family plays games together which I never take time to do otherwise. Hope I win this year.
Enjoy your family time and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelly and her Mom started decorating Sound Styles for Christmas yesterday.


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Monday, Monday…

Monday, Monday…
Jenny and Julie patiently await new Fall merchandise.
UPS, UPS. Wherefore art thou UPS?

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norwayWanna have some fun? Take a minute to Google “Men’s Norwegian Olympic Curling Team Pants” (<– or click right there) and check out the fashion of these guys. You'll see something a bit "out there", especially given that Norwegians tend to be conservative. I know because I am one. But what's with the pants?
three_insetThen, check out the picture above…Three beautiful Norwegian women, in Norway, sporting wild print leggings. Hmmm?
So, what is this wild pant thing in Norway? Do the Norwegians just have a “leg up on us”? Can we even “get to the bottom of it”?
Let me continue…
First of all, do you know that “the Norwegian Men’s Curling Team has the honor of quite possibly being the only Olympic team with an unofficial Facebook page dedicated to their pants?” With approximately 547,000 likes. Obviously wild pants have made their debut.
But back in early March my dear friend Rigmor (on the right) was visiting from Norway and the two of us spent an evening shopping for her at Sound Styles. She enjoys new ideas, so one of the items I showed her was a pair of printed leggings. As the custom, she gave me that “oh, really?” look and I, in turn, as the custom, gave her that “yes, don’t be afraid to try” look right back. So she did, and once the seed was planted she was not only buying them for herself but had a pair for two friends back home.
So, Norway takes the gold for the most wild pants and Sound Styles takes the silver.    ~Jenny

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The Red Christmas Dress,   CHAPTER TWO
Yes, Chapter Two of the Red Christmas Dress did indeed unfold here at Sound Styles. Let’s see…Where did the story leave off?  I think perhaps with the idea that Shelly would create a New Years paper dress that we could somehow use to raise money for charity, namely the Diabetes Foundation in honor of my brother.

click to See and Read more of this feature

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halloween window
New to Sound Styles this past year is the JP&Mattie Collection or, as they like to say, “clothes with affection.”
Both born to textile familes in Europe, Jean Pierre Roditi and Mattie Ilel grew up immersed in a world of color, texture, fabric, and design in Paris and Istanbul in the 1960’s. After graduating from their respective design colleges, the two have been working as fashion designers in Paris and Los Angeles for all the years inbetween.
So… it was with great “affection” that we chose a JP&Mattie ensemble to adorn our entry for the Autumn Scarecrow competition, sponsored by the Edmonds Historical Museum.

Meet Miss Scarry PoppinsWell…. perhaps not so much scarry but more eccentric, artistic with a flair for the dramatic. After all, it was the Bohemian flair to the collection that attracted her to them in the first place. All the fabrics used are from natural fibers. The clothes are hand-dyed in root and vegetable dyes and dried out in the sun giving them their soft, slightly grayed and Artisan look. The styling is timeless with handcrafted details.
A passion for artisan clothes with a twist, a labor of love for their “métier” and great affection for one another are what JP&Mattie are all about.
Now that you’ve been properly introduced, please come visit Sound Styles and see more of the JP&Mattie collection.

CORRECTION: The Autumn Scarecrow competition is sponsored by the Edmonds Historical Museum, not the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce as we originally posted. Our apologies.

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Sound Styles Soundings  

A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you.

In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you already own, and added a mini stripe top in browns and blues.

To this we added another pattern in browns in the zip jacket.  Then we finished it off with another bigger stripe scarf in tan and white.

We simply mixed all shades of browns and more than one stripe together.  Voila!

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