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Sound Styles Soundings  

A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you.

In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you already own, and added a mini stripe top in browns and blues.

To this we added another pattern in browns in the zip jacket.  Then we finished it off with another bigger stripe scarf in tan and white.

We simply mixed all shades of browns and more than one stripe together.  Voila!

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Keep Your Cool With Linen!

Sound Styles Soundings

Imagine that! A fabric that’s been around for thousands of years is still a fashion “must have.”

And, for good reason… lots of them!

For generations linen clothes have been well received because of the effortless comfort they afford. Attributes such as absorbability and breathability make for airy, lightweight, and comfortable linen garments.

Just picture yourself in this charming, sleeveless, hooded, easy-going spring green linen dress by Flax. Empire waist, side pockets, and mid-calf length complete the picture. Live your life in linen and be Summer ready in an instant!

You’ll look great, feel good and help protect the environment.

Yes! Linen is really that good!

Durable, Stain-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, Hypo-Allergenic, and even provides protection from solar rays.

What more could a lady want?

So… Come see our newest linen selections! Every day, in many ways… from beach to dinner by candlelight, linen should find its’ way into each woman’s closet.

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A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer!

Sound Styles Soundings

Here’s the recipe for one of this seasons hottest trends.
                      (click on the images above to see them in full size)

Take a splash of bold color, take several, look and see how adventurous you feel.  Now mix!  This season’s most eye-catching trend is called Color Blocking.  From brightly colored jeans to vivid accessories, allow your imagination to come out and play!    Let shyness take a break.  Bold color opens the window to your imagination.

By wearing two or more solid colors in a single outfit, you can be as daring or understated as your fashion persona allows.  As we’ve illustrated here color blocking can be subtle or bright as a garden of Spring flowers.

Come see us at Sound Styles and play with the many colors we have for you.  The trend can be fun, attractive, even mood elevating.  We’ll be happy to show you the range of possibilities.

All this in even just one radiant colored scarf!

Come in and say hello.

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