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All Americano


“All Americano”  Okay! Okay!

Is that the drink at Starbuck’s you ask?  Or did we mean to say All Americana?

We adore you Shelly!

Whether by intention or not, we love the Americano/Americana window.

You’ve gone and done it again… a window that brings delight to all of us with the gift of you as an added bonus.  Thank goodness you walked through our door a few years back with a resume of talent that made us take notice.  A bit of bewilderment as to “why us?” but not for long as we’ve been reaping the benefits ever since.

And, amongst the litany of Americana that Shelly brought to our windows this 4th of July, is a picture of her grandparents, along with some of the letters written by her grandfather during wartime.  Americana and memories that all of us can reflect upon.


So… if you have some time this week, pass by our windows and pause long enough to enjoy a feel good “americana” moment with special thanks to Shelly.


We hope you all enjoy this beautiful summer we are experiencing and have a terrific 4th of July weekend.

Happy Birthday America!

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tulip logo

Our customers have been loving this new line called tulip! Pieces have been flying out of the store window and racks! Literally out of the window because Shelly did a beautiful display this past month with all of our Tulip pieces featured.  So we’re excited to let you know that two new boxes of Tulip have arrived just this week.
Launched in 2010, Tulip Clothing features cotton separates with mixes of weaves and prints and just  enough serious whimsy in their design to capture the imagination of so many of you. Flounced tops and full trousers feel like chic play clothes yet offer comfort and ease of wear. Exceptional artisan and sustainable workmanship makes each piece of Tulip a favorite to mix, match and collect.
With only one piece available in each size (S – XL),  they find new owners quickly so come take a look this weekend and see if there’s a Tulip waiting to blossom in your closet!


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Summer’s a comin’ and this Memorial Day weekend we are featuring flip flops, tank tops and lemon drops for your pleasure. So get ready to hit the beach.summer
Quality flip flops by Ilse Jacobsen are available in 4 sparkly colors, tanks featured from Tees by Tina and lemon drops from our dear friends next door at Nama’s Candy Shop. Here’s to a happy summer!

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As the bright colors of Spring 2015 come pouring in…
I can’t wear orange” has already been expressed by several customers and it is only February 9. We understand that these types of comments are simply a response to the newness that every fashion season unfolds, and this spring orange is out in the forefront. It’s a biggie.
So, we decided to google “orange/fashion” and see what popped up. Voila! Orange has really made a name for itself. Quite a list of sites showed up. But one in particular caught our attention. We clicked on it and found these tips for wearing orange. Nothing that is rocket science, just a few useful thoughts that someone else had already come up with. Like, check the shade and select the right one for yourself because Oranges come in both cool and warm shades. And, always wear it in moderation with flattering colors.
Here’s what else we learned….


  • Whether a t-shirt, scarf or floppy skirt, paired with a denim jacket orange really pops. How fun is that?
  • Pair it with a neutral like navy, olive or khaki. You’ll also see it with black, but for many this combo screams Halloween. Unless, of course, these two are together in a print.
  • Avoid head to toe orange. This is definitely not rocket science!
  • Wear it with white. So fresh!
  • Start out with one piece like a bangle or a tank top. I even bought an orange vase last year because I just wanted to enjoy looking at a pop of the beautiful color without wearing it.
  • orange3in
    Now I’m hooked.
    So, you can wear orange.  Come in and let’s talk more. We’ll show you how.  After all, life is just too short to wear boring clothes.

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    Views on Spring Trends


    To name a few:  Spring fashion trends we can actually wear in our everyday lives.

  • Tie Dye
  • Relaxed-fit print pants
  • Black/White prints and stripes
  • Gingham
  • Tunics and skinny bottoms
  • Texture mixing
  • Lace and crochet
  • The return of denim: Dark to Light Wash
  • Blues and Corals
  • Flower power in prints on jackets, tops and pants
  • Skirts, skirts and more skirts in all lengths
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    Waiting to decorate for Christmas until the week of Thanksgiving has always been our thing here at Sound Styles. I know we have a retail store and that that traditionally means making the most of the Christmas selling season, but I just can’t do it. You see, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I don’t want to overlook it. Thanksgiving reminds me of where we come from as a country and of being grateful. It’s a wonderful start to what is a season full of wonder and awe to me. Plus, it is one of the only days of the year that my family plays games together which I never take time to do otherwise. Hope I win this year.
    Enjoy your family time and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Shelly and her Mom started decorating Sound Styles for Christmas yesterday.


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    What’s a snood?
    What is a snood?
    a. The latest app
    b. A pan to boil crayfish in
    c. The latest fragrance
    d. A tubular scarf
    d. Is the correct answer. Historically, a snood was a type of European female headgear, but today it refers to a tubular neck scarf, one of this seasons’ hottest trends. Most often made of loosely knitted yarn, a snood can be worn either pulled up over the hair like a hood or around the neck like a scarf. The ones pictured are by Wooden Ships and Pia Rossini, two new accessory lines we are featuring this fall. Come check ’em out!

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    The UPS Man Cometh!

    Shadows and hints then drips and dribbles… but patience has its day, and here, now arrived, our first major selection of Fall clothes for you. Come on in for a full-flavored look and see, but meanwhile here’s a taste!
       See you soon.
         Jenny & Julie

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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    From wraps and ponchos to berets, gloves and scarves in viscose, polyester and wool blends, Pia Rossini raises the standard internationally for womens fashion accessories.

    A new accessory line for us here at Sound Styles, Pia Rossini brings to our table cutting edge trends and quality at affordable prices that we get to pass on to you. We are always excited when this happens. Our first shipment of Pia’s fall scarves has already been well received by many of you and there’s lots more to come.

    Stay tuned as we bring to you an extensive accessory “store within our store” for fall. ‘Cuz when they’re hot they’re hot!

    Check out this short video. We learned a great new way to tie a scarf and wanted to pass it on to you. Give it a try!

    If you would like to see the full video, all ten ways to wear your scarf, please click here – the full Pia Rossini scarf video.

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    jenny_dressSummer is here, and that means skirt season is upon us. I’ve actually seen a lot of women wearing them already.
    So, what does that mean to me? It simply means I have a couple of real issues to deal with since I always like to engage in new trends. I actually have some cute skirts, but, in the summer.. it’s the leg thing. It has to do with color and nature’s design for warmth. What to do, what to do…?
    I can start by gearing myself up both physically and mentally. I have recently discovered the pre-lubed razors which do help somewhat with the nature situation, but I’ve never been a stickler for getting tan, and I am that special Norwegian “white”. Yes, I’ve tried Jergens’ version and someone just told me about St. Tropez and “tan towels”. Usually those products just make my mosquito bites and scrapes turn orange. Then again, maybe they are new and improved, so I should at least try.
    But, no worries. As life’s timing will have it, I thank heaven for my store because just as I ponder this leg dilemma a box of ankle length skirts by Tribal arrives. Take a peek!

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