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boots raven earrings begin as thin sheets of wood from quick growing birch trees.   The wood is treated as a canvas, each one painted with a rainbow of acrylics.   They are then hand cut into a myriad of shapes and layered.   In addition to acrylics, heat is used on some pieces to burn the wood or alter the paint.   Once the wood pieces are finished, they are drilled and sealed in a UV resistant clear acrylic coat.

Preconceived design rarely exists in this method.   The earrings are painted and built from the heart and in the moment, creating one of a kind pieces.   After the paint phase, the wood pieces are paired with beads and metals.   Most of the metal is aged in-house and sealed with an acrylic.   These lightweight earrings are finished with niobium ear wires which are hypo-allergenic and perfect for those with metal allergies.

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Sound Styles Springs Into Fashion

10 Trends to Watch For

Spring fashion 2019 offers a wardrobe that beckons, “bring it on”. We’ve been receiving spring deliveries since January and will continue through May. Our selection is at its peak now. So it’s time to take stock of your closet.

So, what is UP with 2019 spring fashion?

Brighten It Up-
The Pantone color of the year is shade No. 16-1546, appropriately named “living coral”, a luscious color found somewhere between orange and pink that most anyone can wear. Marigold yellows, fiesta reds and magestic magentas are not to be ignored, and neons speak loudly, so listen up! Try color blocking.

Widen It Up-
Tired of wearing skinny jeans? Now legs widen significantly both in dress pants and jeans, in full length or Capri. Call them palazzos or culottes, the length and width given your height will really make or break the look.

Fem It Up-
Many of spring’s most memorable looks rely on feminine colors and details. Pastels abound shades of pink are pretty. Lace, bows and ruffles on a blouse, a dress or at the bottom of a skirt add that trendy touch to flaunt this spring. Look for embroidery. Be girly.

Print It Up-
Be accepting here. Try polka dots, checks, paisleys, leopard and zebra, scarf prints, snake skin and stripes. And, here’s some tough fashion love…get over horizontal stripe phobia. Just select the size stripe that suits you best.

Mix It Up-
Take the courageous step and mix a couple prints together. Pair a floral blouse with a stripe pant, or polka dot and check. Dare to try your own combo. Not only does fashion say, “Bring it on” this season, it also says, “Mix it Up”.

Cover It Up-
Reversible lightweight jackets in mixed fabrics like lace and stripe are a hit when topping off any outfit for an evening in downtown or at the beach in Edmonds. Be it a printed rain slicker, a moto or camo jacket or a soft knit duster, jackets are back in a big way. Layering is so PNW.

Neutral It Up-
Probably the most daring look for Spring is to dress up in shades of all neutrals from head to toe! Toffee, creamy tans and earth tones mixed together create a monochromatic look that is both soft and bold. Blend away!

Utility It Up-
Cargo dressing isn’t entirely brand new, but it has been tweaked and refined, adding civility to workwear. You’ll see extra-large pockets on khaki trench coats with an extra dose of buttons. Look for wide belts and strap details on jumpsuits. They’re back.

Sport it Up-
Add a hoodie or a tennis shoe to any outfit…and we mean it! Life is busy and fashion recognizes that. By showcasing sporty accessories like cross-the-body bags and snazzy sneakers the “on the go” lifestyle is applauded as comfort is granted.

Craft It Up-
Nothing says warm weather and summer more than crochet and macrame. Artisanal craft details like patchwork, fringing, fabric bundles and hand painted infused clothes add personality and uniqueness to any closet.

Try all 10 of these new trends or just a few, always keeping in mind that fashion is about new ideas, not old ones. Like spinach…just taste it. You might like it.  That’s a wrap!

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Giving Month at Sound Styles, November 2018    

National Awareness

Do you know that November is National Diabetes Awareness month? And that World Diabetes Day occurs annually on November 14 in honor of the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin in 1921? In the US alone 1.2 million people have diabetes. It is a slow, steady, insidious disease which damages any and all parts of the body.

The theme for World Diabetes Day in 2018-19 is “Family and Diabetes”. My brother Glen is the one highlighted.

Diabetes is Personal

This month is especially important to me this year as my brother Glen just had his second leg amputated due to complications from Type 1 Diabetes that was discovered when he was just 11. I am 14 months younger than Glen and I often think that it could have been me with diabetes instead of him. Imagine being an 11 year old boy having twice daily injections in his arm or stomach. Come Halloween he’d trick or treat and sell his candy to my other three brothers and me if he didn’t succumb to eating it himself (which he also did). Then he would be sick, ashamed and angry at himself.

Glen would tell you that back in the early days he didn’t have the medical tools to properly control the disease. Thanks to medical research and great advancements, diabetes today is easier to manage. Glen is actually alive today due to transplant technology. In March of 2000 he received a kidney-pancreas transplant.

Then there is the psychological side. Glen has experienced a lot of bodily damage and depression, yet he has survived and has worked hard to come to better terms with diabetes and it’s effects both physically and psychologically. After 5 decades of being diabetic Glen has learned that relationships, proper attitude and perspective are among the most meaningful things in life. Developing such inner qualities has made it easier for him to accept his physical disabilities.

“My brother is a truly amazing guy. Through his medical struggles he has developed such a depth of character. We’ve shared many meaningful conversations together. He is simply the best listener I know.”

Sound Styles Gives

So, while there is tons of media coverage used to raise awareness this month, one social media campaign, Project Blue November, shares a meme each day of the month to raise awareness. In conjunction, we at Sound Styles will donate a buck to the ADA any time you purchase something blue during November.

Also, Glen is on permanent disability, and below the knee amputations are very costly surgery. Follow up rehab and eventually a new prosthetic will also be expensive. You can click here for his Go Fund Me account and help Glen pay his medical bills. Any amount helps.

Thank you for reading this rather long post. The subject is just so near and dear to me.



Additional sources for information about diabetes and opportunities to contribute:

American Diabetes Association

Diabetes Research Institute

Project Blue November


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🌞Remember when Memorial Day was the launch of white pant season? No one dared to wear white before that. For me, Memorial Day means summer is right around the corner (even though I turned the heat up this morning when I got to work), and that means all kinds of fun events are coming up. I thought I would share just a few of them with you.
🥕First of all, the Edmonds Garden Market is already in full swing every Saturday at 5th Ave N & Bell from 9am to 2pm with the Full Summer Market starting June 16th. According to their website “the market features local farmers selling a wide variety of Washington produce and farm products as well as some of the finest artisans and craftspeople our region has to offer”.
🖼Third Thursday Art Walk (the 21st this month) is another popular, ongoing event that helps make Edmonds a special destination. Art-loving downtown businesses host emerging and established artists and their art. In June we will be featuring Nick Baker, a blind singer and piano player who is naturally gifted with incredible musical ability. He plays from a broad repertoire of music, from classics to jazz to original pieces, and is a delight to listen to. When I saw him last he knew I was a classical pianist and without even requesting it he played Moonlight Sonata for me. He’ll be playing my new Steinway.🎹
🎨And, don’t forget the Edmonds Arts Festival June 15-17.
🇺🇸July brings us The 4th of July and Edmonds Parade Festivities, and this year we need your help. Come “march with us for fashion” in the parade along side our Sound Styles float. Next time you are in let us know you are interested. Stay tuned for details. Sure to be fun!
Then we’re into August when we will be hosting a Seahawks Tailgate Party. We’ll have the new 12th Man collection of 💎Swarovski crystal sweatshirts & tees, and we might even serve hot dogs.🌭
So, we do hope you’ll join us for some or all of our events this summer. And remember…Style Never Goes out of Fashion.👗
Warmest Regards,
Jenny 😍

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Fancy Pants

Did you know that in 2013 the future Queen of England’s sister, Pippa, landed a “fancy pants” new job as a Vanity Fair contributing editor?

OK, so none of us are going to be contributing editors, but Sound Styles has a lot of “fancy pants” for Spring that can indeed take you on your next adventure. Embellished pants are a major trend this Spring.

And, may I encourage you to never say never. Last Saturday a customer came in requesting a plain pair of jeans and left with a pair of embroidered jeans by JAG and a big smile.

Check them out. They’re fun!

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Click here to visit the Silent Light Studios photography home page for detailed information about the variety of photographic services available to you

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the 12th woman


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