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Sound Styles, January 29 2013

Q:    I finally broke down and bought my first pair of colored jeans.  But, they are turquoise and I’m really not sure that I have anything in my closet to go with them.  Can you give me some ideas since you’ve been talking a lot about colored jeans lately?

A:    Yes, we are noticing more break downs lately.  Resistance to this fashion trend is indeed lowering.  Colored jeans are definitely becoming more and more “normal”.  But, what to do with them you ask.  First of all, let’s address the color issue.  Just because your new jean is turquoise does not mean you have to have another piece of turquoise on at the same time.  At this time of the year, pair them up with dark neutrals and transitions toward Spring.  For example, the other day I wore my emerald green jeans with my black boots, a charcoal sweater and a chocolate fur scarf.  It worked!  At least no one told me otherwise.  But, as we get closer and closer to warmer weather, I look forward to wearing them with a bright pink jacket that I got last year.  Then I’ll probably put a print tee of some sort underneath and wear a colored shoe.  Other than bright pink, you can pop your turquoise with lime green, purple, coral,or yellow.
Then, as we approach summer simply change the neutral from dark to light and wear your jeans with white.  One other concept you may want to explore is “tone on tone”.  Throw all kinds of blues together with your turquoise (or greens or whatever color you choose as your base).  Now, tell me you don’t have any of this in your wardrobe already and I’ll eat my words!!  Check out the slide show below to get more visuals.

Secondly, stay tuned to silhouette and proportion.  Skinnier jean silhouettes are more flattering with a longer top (fingertip length) either fitted or boxy, and a more boot cut jean handles a more classic length (mid hip) top.  This is a generality of course, but is a good “rule of thumb”.

This Spring we’ll see a steady diet of bright colors.  Remember the “gotta taste your spinach” concept?  I’m going to have to get out of my box and “taste” new colors.  But, in the meantime, think I’ll make spinach lasagna for dinner tonight.

 More questions please!!

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Dear Soundings is a periodic response to fashion questions from our customers by Jenny, owner of Sound Styles in Edmonds, WA

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    During the course of any given day, so many fashion questions arise that we thought it might be fun to devote a “corner” of our newsletter to such questions from you with answers from us… your resident self proclaimed fashionistas here at Sound Styles.

To get us started, we chose a recent question to share with you.
Q:    Help!  With holiday functions to attend this season, I’d love to know how to get several different updated looks with my black cashmere sweater.  What would you suggest?

A:    There are tons of different options depending on where you are going and the look you wish to convey.  A black cashmere sweater is a great long term item to have in your wardrobe.  The sky is just about the limit when creating looks with it.  Be creative!

For example, adding a faux fur vest might be just the ticket for that Christmas brunch with Santa.  Faux fur touches are really being shown this season.  It’s all about the texture.  We’re seeing fur on boots, gloves, handbags, headbands, hats and scarves.  So adding a little faux with any one of these items is an instant update.  And so cozy!

For your entrance to the Nutcracker ballet a printed silk cover up over all black would turn heads.  Silk is always luxurious and in a brite and bold print this addition adds an arty new edge.  It works just as great with your sweater and a black velvet pant as it does with a knee length black pencil skirt, two items you may also already own.

And simply adding glitzy accessories and wearing your sweater with blue jeans and boots would grace anyone’s home party.  Scarves are almost impossible to keep in inventory this season, especially multi-colored, metallic oversized ones.  They are often being worn nowadays instead of a necklace.  However, we do have some great sparkly statement necklaces in right now that are reasonably priced.  Many are right around $30.  Shiny accessories can be one of the most economical ways to get an instant update and can really be fun paired with your blue jeans.  Kind of feels a bit extravagent pairing sparkle with denim?  My grandmother would never have entertained the idea in her time!!

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