How do you know if it goes?

Sound Styles Soundings   A customer who came into our store recently asked me this question,   How do you know if it goes?   What does go together, she wondered, looking at me?  That common enough question inspired this response, now here, to share with you. In this case we took dark denim cargo capris, which many of you alreadyContinue reading “How do you know if it goes?”

Off The Cuff, About Pants

O F F   T H E   C U F F What’s Up With Pants!     Sound Styles Soundings The fashion industry is really efficient when it comes to stretching the range of normal, in evidence this spring by none other than pants.  I noticed this stetch yet again a couple of weeks ago when several “second wave” customersContinue reading “Off The Cuff, About Pants”

A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer

A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer!    Sound Styles Soundings Here’s the recipe for one of this seasons hottest trends.                                                (click on the images above to see them in full size) Take a splash of bold color, take several, look and see how adventurous you feel.  Now mix!  This season’s most eye-catching trend is calledContinue reading “A Bright Idea for Spring & Summer”

Sound Styles Soundings

Welcome to Sound Styles, proud boutique of scenic, waterfront Edmonds, and to our newly recreated and envisioned Soundings newsletter. August 2012    You’ll find us on the northeast corner of the town center’s roundabout. And, you’ll find our newsletter right here on the internet where, in honor of Ollie Bjorback, Jenny’s dad, we again hopeContinue reading “Sound Styles Soundings”