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About Us at Sound Styles


Dolores, Mary and Jenny at Sound Styles
The fun and friendly atmosphere at Sound Styles starts with an experienced and well-rounded team.  Dolores and Jenny, mother and daughter, are its creative leaders.  They are supported by sales associates, Mary, Julie and Shelly, and by local alterations expert, Victoria.  Together, they work to make sure you have a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

Dolores and Jenny have been co-owners of Sound Styles since 1985 and they make all the fashion buying decisions for their store.  Dolores says, “My favorite place to go is work!”  Jenny says, “I think of many of my customers as good friends – and they are!”

A specialist in wardrobe coordination, Jenny spent 10 years in sales and management with Nordstrom before opening Sound Styles.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is a wonderful website. Two Nordy stars continue their success in the fashion industry–Mary and Jenny. I often wear my clothes purchased last summer from the awesome Mary. Jenny, I really appreciate that you purchase American made clothing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Cyndy. We always aim to do our best and hope that it pleases the customers so it’s wonderful to hear positive feedback. New Fall clothes are arriving daily and they’re so fun to unpack. Come see when time allows.

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