About Sound Styles Soundings

About the Sound Styles “Soundings” newsletter!


Soundings is the new on-line interactive newsletter for our Sound Styles women’s clothing store in Edmonds, WA. We are most pleased and thrilled to offer you this new avenue for access to our store.

Featured Soundings newsletter topics include:

    Seasonal fashion trends.

    Staff Picks and updates on new arrivals of inventory, including your personal favorites.

    Store owner, Jenny’s, “Off the Cuff” articles presenting her unique fashion expertise.

    Advance notice of special promotional events.

Additionally, our new newsletter format allows you to easily leave us comments and questions about any of our article postings.  We love hearing from you!  Just point and click on the word “comments” at the end of each article to leave a comment or read what others have said.
You may also click on any of the “tabs” at the top of the screen for more special pages about us and our store.
Remember to “subscribe” to Sound Styles Soundings and get our articles as soon as available by clicking on the “receive eMail updates” button.