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Happy customer alert! Sarah from Colorado absolutely loved her shopping experience with owner Jenny! Come shop with us & let us add a little fashion to your closet!

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I, for one, am thrilled to see the return of Rapti scarves to Sound Styles. Possibly some of the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever worn and loved, they have already added warm texture, vibrant color, handmade art and excitement to our store.

Notice the self-contained shawl. A new style we’ve added from Rapti.

If they can do all that to four walls and some mannequins, just imagine what one of these beautiful scarves can do for your outfits. We all know how a scarf can change out an outfit but turn it into art? Well, that takes real talent and Rapti exudes by adding sophistication and uniqueness in both pattern and design and combinations of color.

Maybe that’s why I’m finding myself in PJ’s, cooking dinner, with a Rapti scarf still tied around my neck. Came home from work today, changed to my favorite comfy jammies but just couldn’t remove that scarf. Not yet anyway!

With a great selection to choose from, some are 100% cashmere and some are a combo of silk and viscose and they range in price from $34 to $80. Handmade in Nepal by skilled artisans representing generations of those trained in tradition.


A quick FYI: I know that tying a scarf can be a bit intimidating. There are so very many easy ways to get fantastic looks. Here is a link to a great video that Nordstrom provides. It is both fun and entertaining to watch but also very informative and helpful. One caveat: it transpires so quickly that you simply must go back and watch a few times, pick a favorite look and pay close attention. But, for the first time viewer, simply enjoy!

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Quote of the Week:

Indulge me please! I’m feeling a bit sad and somewhat nostalgic tonight and these words want to be said.

To live and work in a small waterfront town brings so many joys. Joys, however, that get scattered here and there with many a sorrow.

You can’t be in business for nearly 35 years and not become deeply attached to “regular customers” as if they are friends and members of the family. Without a doubt, it is one of the “perks” of having a shop in a small town.

Over the past twelve months and more, our family has lost too many of you and we feel and mourn the loss. Our hearts hurt when we know that your happy faces will no longer bring us the joy we felt when you walked through our door and asked us to help you find just the perfect thing. Or when you stopped by to simply say hello and keep us company by catching up on the latest news of your lives.

Or when you remembered us with a small token of this or that. . . telling us we’re in your thoughts. Or when you poked your head in the front door just to ask “what’s new?” As regulars, you were familiar with the weekly, if sometimes daily, deliveries that come through those front doors and you didn’t want to miss a thing, especially the chance to grab your size in something that caught your fancy.

Like family, we accepted and embraced you whether the mood was uplifting or the tone of the day was not so stellar. It all came with the territory of friendship and life and what challenges, sorrows and joys come to pass for all of us.

Most of all, we will miss each of you for the pure joy of your company, friendship, laughter and the feeling of community that you brought to Sound Styles. We will speak of you often and recall good memories. Know that our hearts have been touched by the footprints of each and every one of you and though our hearts may hurt for a while, your presence in them will not fade.

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I found it!

My pantone periwinkle color of the year.

Guess where I found it?

Well. . . no big surprise! There was already a beautiful periwinkle cardi sweater in my closet hiding in the back depths of the “put away for Spring” stuff. Something I purchased at the end of the season and, no doubt, thought it a great bargain.

Go figure! Of course I would already have that color lurking somewhere.

Odd though! This would not be one of my favorite colors to purchase.. Maybe I was just a bit clairvoyant and wanted to have it ready for 2022. Believe me. . . Pantone gave me no hints about the “color of the year” for 2022. However, after reading that it flatters most skin and hair color tones, my adrenalin pumps and I’m excited to pull it out of the depths and start playing with how to wear it.

Which leads me to Jackie O’ and her enigmatic quote and column dressing as a fashion statement.

As I looked back at the many pictures of Jackie in her beautiful outfits that we all admired, I think her “marble column” encompasses her approach to fashion. For Jackie, a timeless and basic ensemble was the most classic and imposing thing to wear

Nothing is more classic in making a fashion statement than a column of color. You all know what I mean by a column of color, don’t you? If not, simply put, it means you wear the same color from shoulder to hemline creating a slenderizing column. Most of us think of black as that column but it really can be any color, including white. The column gets even taller if you wear a hat and shoes in the same color. This style of dressing is very popular among women for its ease, modern and streamlined look and for the slimness created through the use of one color.

So… while it is both easy and stylish and classic, let’s not let that column become boring. How do we do that? Well. . . I’m going to put my new periwinkle cardigan over a column of either navy blue or black and perhaps add an accessory like a scarf or necklace, statement earrings or animal print bag to highlight the column and give it an interesting twist so as not to bore myself or anyone else. If the coat, jacket, sweater cardigan or kimono that you add to the monochromatic column is at least hip length or even longer, you slenderize the column even more. And, of course, you add the punch that steps it up a notch.


And, knowing me. . . I would probably add all those accessories. However, since learning at my last osteoporosis screening that I’m growing shorter by the year, I’ll try to elongate the column with the fedora hat (which I’m actually really tempted to buy as it is on sale) and the boots. Throw in the crossbody zebra bag for added texture and pattern and a Greek column has been chiseled.

After doing a bit of looking around (well, more than a bit) I found a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing a column of color that she punched up with her jewelry, signature sunglasses and handbag. I’m sharing it to illustrate the fashionable column and because I found it so unique in that I don’t recall seeing Jackie in anything but beautiful dresses, suits and pillbox hats. So wanted to share just for fun.

Hope I’ve inspired you just a bit to find your choice of a color column somewhere in your own closet and then add the outer layering piece and/or the accessories to give it your own stamp of “fashion” approval.

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When one goes looking for quotes, one never knows what one is going to find. This one from Patricia (“one of the most accomplished prose stylists in the fantasy genre”) just fell into place and tugged the heartstrings even though I must admit that I’m not sure if she meant the flower, the snail or just the beautiful color of periwinkle itself. I’ll be humble and reject the gold and the black pearls (and, by all means the snail) and go for the color of the flower.

Drum Roll Please! Ta Da!

With those glowing words of description, who isn’t going to love this year’s color? As a matter of fact, periwinkle turns out to be one of those “universal” colors that is going to love all of us right back. Meaning that most every skin tone will be complimented by some shade of periwinkle, depending on whether you want to absorb its gentle and calm nature or its more elegant, and even spiritual aspect if you pick a deeper shade of periwinkle. And, for goodness sake, who doesn’t want everlasting love?

And, not wanting to get too detailed about this year’s color, but wanting to give you all a bit of FYI:

Periwinkle is a tint of the color indigo and takes its name from the beautiful ground cover flower Vinca Minor ( or periwinkle). It has a hint of purple because it sits between blue and violet. It is also called lavender blue. Anyone remember Dinah Shore?

Pantone’s color of the year is a big deal and pops up everywhere from interior design to fashion. Not sure it’s going to fit into my interior design, but I will be looking to wear a periwinkle something or other coming soon.

How about you? dilly dilly!

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It’s here!!!! The Sound Styles Window Display Calendar 2022 by artist Shelly Simmons is available for purchase in-store only $20 each! 100% of profits go to the Edmonds Arts Foundation to provide art scholarships for local high school seniors! Call 425-771-4111 or message us here to reserve yours today!

Cash or check only please!

Each month is an eclectic creation made from recycled items like maps, foil, denim, vintage games, sheet music & more!

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