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Quote of the Week:

As humorous as Andy’s satire might be, I question both its validity and his rather judgmental vision. When she walked through our door today with both courage and excited spirit to show off her so-called “ugly” Christmas sweater, Kay was definitely not crying out for help. Rather, she was enjoying every moment of the Christmas fun she brought to the store and to all of us there to share in her glee. Thank you Kay for “making our day” and sharing your spirit with us all. Onward to Engel’s Pub for a bite to eat where she was the ‘hit of the party’ (well. . . the lunch crowd for sure!)

And no. . . no ugly Christmas sweaters have we. However, there is still a great selection of sweaters from labels like Foil, Karen Kane, Tribal and Paper Label available for gift giving to one and all. . . including thee!

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