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Hope all of you are having a wonderful fall season, enjoyed the fun of Halloween and are looking forward to Thanksgiving Day.

What a happy surprise last Saturday when she returned that beautiful ruana that I’d been wanting for my own and thought I’d missed my chance to take it home to my closet. Ah Fate!! Sometimes it goes your way! No sooner out of her bag and into mine was that ruana

Now that we’re in the middle of the fall season, are you possibly looking for new ways to add a layer, stay warm and look cute at the same time? There are more choices than oversized sweaters or mid-weight jackets, you know. Or do you? How many of you have a ruana in your closet or dresser drawer? That’s like asking how many of you would like to have a teddy bear hug in your closet or drawer? And. . . I hope you would and do! (have the ruana, that is)

Just what is a ruana you might ask? It’s confusing, I know. There are shawls, wraps, capelets, ponchos, and now ruanas. It seems like there are dozens of different names to describe knits that you drape over your body and they all mean the same thing. The truth is that, while the line can be blurry at times, each of these are distinctive articles of clothing with unique, defining features.The ruana is a relative newcomer to the world of yarn trends.

A ruana is a poncho-style wrap – it’s basically a blanket you can wear! They originated in the Andes mountains of South America, and the word means “Land of Blankets” in the native Chibcha language. Ruanas are extremely versatile as they can be worn in many ways. Like shawls, wraps, and ponchos, ruanas are layering pieces for added warmth or protection from the sun, wind, or snow.

Typically, a ruana is rectangular in its construction with an opening in the middle for the head, and the front piece split down the middle to drape over the shoulders. From there, the ruana may be buttoned or pinned closed, and the ruana may be cinched with a belt underneath the arms to create pseudo-sleeves or, the ruana can just lay freely to drape and flow as they like to be.

Just how does it differ from a poncho is a burning question from many of you.

I kid!

That is not a burning question but I’m going to answer it anyway. After all, this is your fashion lesson for the week.

Ruanas are distinct from shawls because of the opening created for the head, but how exactly do ruanas differ from ponchos? Ponchos, unlike ruanas, lack the opening in the center that gives ruanas that cardigan-like appearance. While both may or may not contain designated armholes, ponchos typically are closed in the front. Additionally, ponchos may be either circular or rectangular, whereas ruanas are almost always rectangular.

The traditional Irish way to wear a ruana is to throw both ends over your shoulders to form a double cowl neck. The shoulder can easily be secured with a brooch. (don’t laugh at me! Just how long has it been since you heard that word. . . brooch.? Vintage, I know but they are making a comeback.) Ruanas can be worn just as is by placing the label at the back of the neck and letting the ruana drape like a shawl only it stays in place because of the opening for the head and shoulders. Or, you can throw just one end over a shoulder and let it be or secure it with a pin(brooch). You can also wear the ruana as a belted wrap, placing the belt under the back and over the front pieces, or belting the entire thing, creating a sort of jacket.

Last but not least! Ruanas can add drama, beauty and purpose to your wardrobe. Whether worn over a silk blouse, cozy sweater, even a coat, they hug you with that extra teddy bear warmth and create drama with the beauty of their patterns, color and texture. We ladies should all “stand out” with a ruana in our wardrobe. Sound Styles has many beauties to choose from!

How’d you know that I was “going there?” Of course we have ruanas in the store for this season of giving and receiving.

P.S. My new ruana has a distinct feel for the fall season. Big surprise! I’m going to wear it later this week and secure it over my shoulder with a beautiful jeweled brooch in the shape of a maple leaf that has been languishing in my jewelry box for far too long and I’m excited to wear it again. Hope to see you in the store soon! Let us show you some of our new ruanas and demonstrate how to style them.

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