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Quote of the Week:


Her mission is to scare the crows . . . not us!

Well then again, a few shivers down your spine can come with some benefits, believe it or not. For example, did you know that feeling a bit of fear burns more calories than when you’re not afraid? I bet you hadn’t a clue that a small dose of fear can boost your immune system.

With great determination, we managed to persuade The Wicked Witch of the Northwest to come out of her beloved green castle and bring many of her tried and true ghastly green friends to adorn our window at 5th and Main for these magical weeks of Autumn’s slow walk to Halloween.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “do one thing each day that scares you.”

Maybe today that one thing should be a trek to Sound Styles and a visit with The Wicked Witch of the Northwest. Lose a pound or two, boost up the white blood cells and then go to

Scroll down to retail entries and vote by entering our ID# 3870 for our super stylish, stunningly sassy and ‘spookily’ scary green witch.

After all, “there’s a little witch in all of us.” ~ practical magic.

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