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Quote of the Week:

“Love the hat. It and you grabbed my attention.” I told her.

“Thanks,” she replied. “It was a gift from a friend who lives in Europe.”

“Well your friend has great taste and you know just how to wear it. I also noticed the unique way you tied the scarf. Could you share with us your technique?” I asked.

“I’d be happy to show you what I did, if I can remember what I did. I love to experiment and never know where one fold-over is going to lead me.”

So began a conversation between us. . . all because of her red hat and fringed scarf. 

As conversation starters go…

Weather? Kinda boring!

Politics?  Who wants to go there these days?

The Picasso hanging on the wall? Not too awful if there really is a Picasso hanging on the wall.

But the tilt of a hat and the unusual way she tied her scarf? That’s a winner in my fashion world and easily started our conversation.

Ah accessories!!

They really do pack a punch and are as equally important as the basic outfit you are wearing. They punctuate the overall look as your clothing and your accessories work together to create a harmony that expresses your style and who you are.

They are the last layer that can bring magic to an outfit. A simple outfit can have a million dollar look with reasonably priced accessories. They are creative and a fun way to play with your clothes. You can wear the same two articles over several days and change the entire look with different accessories. Accessories can bring attention to those features you want highlighted such as the face, hands, neck, ears and hair. 

Not to mention: accessories make for the perfect gift. They are reasonably priced with no worries about size, etc.

My post today is meant to give just a bit of word power to Jenny’s last two videos which showed you how the store is full to the brim with beautiful scarves, gloves, socks and many more fun accessories. Think Christmas gifts and think about how you might want to add a little extra zing to your own wardrobe.

By now one thing you know about me is my penchant for finding just the right quotes for each post. That “penchant” often spills over into greeting and gift enclosure cards. I’m just imagining what fun it might be to pick out an accessory for a friend or family member and write on the card something like the following:

“Did you say exercise? I thought I heard accessorize!!”

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Click below to vote for #3870

“The Wicked Witch of The Northwest” – ID# 3870

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Quote of the Week:


Her mission is to scare the crows . . . not us!

Well then again, a few shivers down your spine can come with some benefits, believe it or not. For example, did you know that feeling a bit of fear burns more calories than when you’re not afraid? I bet you hadn’t a clue that a small dose of fear can boost your immune system.

With great determination, we managed to persuade The Wicked Witch of the Northwest to come out of her beloved green castle and bring many of her tried and true ghastly green friends to adorn our window at 5th and Main for these magical weeks of Autumn’s slow walk to Halloween.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “do one thing each day that scares you.”

Maybe today that one thing should be a trek to Sound Styles and a visit with The Wicked Witch of the Northwest. Lose a pound or two, boost up the white blood cells and then go to

Scroll down to retail entries and vote by entering our ID# 3870 for our super stylish, stunningly sassy and ‘spookily’ scary green witch.

After all, “there’s a little witch in all of us.” ~ practical magic.

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Quote of the Week:

I’m asking you to “bear” with me for I’m on a bit of a trend roll, as I’m eager to share with you another trend that has been flourishing and growing since 2013.

One that I must admit my own reluctance to understand, let alone embrace. Trends usually have patterns. If it appears once in the fashion scene, who pays much attention. But, when it keeps cropping up and coming back and fluorishing by taking on new dimensions then we start to wake up and ‘smell the coffee.’ The first teddy bear coat to make its mark was the Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon coat rocked by Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes way back in 2013.

Ouch! A mere 3.7K back in the day. Well, it is still around and still running true to price.

Since then, there have been many variations from the original tan, long length coat – proving this is a wardrobe staple that’s here to stay and now comes in a fabulous range of colors from pastels to bold and also comes with much more bearable (pun intended) prices.

Coats, jackets, pull-on 1/4 zip tops or pull-on mock-necks are all part of the teddy bear trend. Most commonly this means outerwear but the trend also includes comfy, cozy cuddle up by the fire items of clothing that embody fleece or faux fur which wraps us in warmth and teddy bear love we all remember from childhood and the favorite teddy bear we held close. Imagine cuddling up to your first cup of coffee in the morning donned in slippers and a warm, cozy, shaggy, fleecy pull-on.

As for my reluctance, my first reaction was that it’s one thing to love Fozzie Bear but another to want to look like him. As with so many trends of late, I may be slow to the plate but I’m going to hit it out of the ballpark once there and, I think that I am there.

Fashion rarely offers us something with equal doses of cozy and chic but the teddy bear checks both boxes. The vast array of colors and patterns, the options for low or high fleece (low or high fuzziness) and the big selection of different silhouettes… not to mention how cute they appear on real people in all the many pics I’ve looked at the past couple of days are mellowing my initial rejection. Now for the fun part. Which one to pick!!!

We do have several to choose from in the store right now. There’s a full length black teddy bear coat or the 1/4 zip pullover that has warm cuff sleeves and comes in three colors.

I’m leaning in the direction of the zippered pullover from Funsport. I love the zipper and I love it unzipped because guess why? I can layer with it. Big surprise! Me the queen of layers. But I can just see a pink or red or teal turtleneck or mock neck popping the grey fleece. Also love the banding at the bottom cause it gives some shape to the silhouette as does a banded sweatshirt. Oh…. and pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets? Love to see this with jeans of any silhouette from skinny to bootcut.

Bottom line however. . . All I gotta do is put on a happy face and find myself a teddy bear coat to warm the chill in the air and then just go hibernate somewhere.





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Quote of the Week:

Any item in your wardrobe should satisfy one of two criteria: utility and joy.”

~ stacy london

Let’s step that up a notch, shall we? How about one item that can satisfy both utility and joy. I’ve got just the one for me and perhaps you too.

There’s been a trend emerging for several years now that I have adopted for the utility of layering with warmth in mind and the joy of loving two items in my wardrobe that have been considered “opposites” for what seems like forever. This trend might seem an oxymoron to most, as the two clothing articles involved usually hang in opposite corners of one’s closet and would duel for time spent alone with you and never consider being seen together.

But, thanks to the boys (Alas!) of the basketball world, blazers and hoodie sweatshirts have come out of those opposite corners of the closet and now “hang together.” It started years ago on the college campus where prominent players of basketball began combining their blazer with their hoodies. As the best of the best got recruited into the NBA, they carried their wardrobe with them and hence….. wearing a hoodie under a blazer concept was not only born but flourished and found itself as the favorite fashion model’s “off-duty” look.

That leaves me loving one of my most favorite articles of clothing…. a navy blazer that has a sweatshirt grey hoodie liner attached so that I get the best of both looks without having to actually wear two items. And even better…. I can wear another layer that gives it a third dimension like a patterned turtleneck or a plaid flannel blouse. Is it loungewear or real clothes? Layering a sweatshirt under a blazer combines the benefits of comfy, relaxed leisurewear and put together, structured tailoring into one effortless look.

AND. . . surprise! surprise! Wouldn’t you just know where this post is going?


Our signature boyfriend blazer with removable hood is now available in a beautiful knit tartan plaid. Versatility at its best! Perfect for the woman who keeps it casual or the woman who means business. 

Removable zip hood panel  Please note: Hood is not an actual sweater. Easily zip the panel off if you prefer to wear just the blazer without the hood. 

Front flap pockets

Composition: 78% Polyester, 18% Rayon, 4% Spandex

Casual Fridays to night out is just a zip away! 

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