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Quote of the week:

Seems like we’ve needed a lot of armor during the past sixteen months. While fashion is not, of course, a full suit of armor. . . I do believe it might just be an accessory to the full panoply that helps us hold up our resolve to overcome the challenges presented by our daily lives.

Does that sound trite? How can what you wear on any certain day help you survive that day?

Okay. . . so survive might be just a bit melodramatic. 

Simply said. . . I’m a great believer, from personal experience, that what you wear, be it clothes or make-up, directly influences your thoughts, behaviors and self-esteem. It also impacts how others perceive your personality and actions.

Does that make sense? Certainly, in all the days of our lives, there are going to be those where we have no choice in the matter and wardrobe and make-up don’t win.

However, if at all possible, I make every attempt in the morning to go through a routine that includes picking out something nice to wear and applying at least a bit of blush and eye-make up even if I’m staying home that day to nurse an “owie.” I don’t want to look in the mirror, by accident or on purpose, and feel worse because of the reflection staring back at me.

These last few days of heat have challenged my resolve. What a relief tonight to feel a cooler, natural breeze wafting through my windows. Nature beats the electric fan any day of the week. And, in all honesty, this post was started last week and meant to be finished and polished by Tuesday morn (of last week).

Best laid plans as they say. While sitting in front of my computer with 100 degrees bearing down on me, my “fried brain” just couldn’t deal with it so. . . Alas! No post last week and I’ve kind of forgotten where I was even headed except that I do like the beginning so I will re-group here and offer up some advice.

For me, some days just go right and I feel good in what I chose to wear. Other days, however, find me putting on and taking off in rapid succession ’cause just nothing “feels” right. I did a bit of research on this dressing dilemma that I’m supposing presents itself to most of us. Based on my research, let me offer up a few tips to help us all dress with confidence and feel great in what we wear.

  • APPEARANCE: On those days when I’m taking on and taking off, it’s usually because I’m over analyzing my so-called “body flaws.” This top doesn’t camouflage the tummy area enough or cover the arm where it needs covering the most. That sort of “talk” goes on in my head. But if I really think about it, it’s not my clothes that are giving me grief, it’s my attitude towards my body. Acceptance of who we are on any given day can go a long way towards feeling good and confident in what we wear.
  • KNOW YOUR PERSONA: I used to get frustrated when shopping with a friend who would say “that looks just like you” as I reached for something off the rack to try on. “Am I that predictable?” I’d think to myself. Now I actually think that’s a good thing because it means I have a strong sense of what I like and want to wear. These days when I answer the question “does that look like me?” I’m glad to answer “yes!.” I’d much rather look like myself than a victim of trends. Let’s face it, there are lots of styles out there that won’t be right for me so knowing what suits my personality contributes to feeling confident because my clothes become a good reflection of who I am.
  • LET’S HAVE FUN: Sometimes when I’m struggling with what to wear I find myself muttering “Lighten up, Julie. Getting dressed in the morning isn’t brain surgery.” If I stop the over analyzing, and give myself permission to just have some fun with what I put on, my options open up to new ideas and possibilities. A lighter, more playful, attitude goes a long way towards feeling and looking great in what you wear. Your ability to discover new looks and try out fresh ideas should be fun. And, who doesn’t like having fun?
  • OOPS! You know the old adage “Learn from your mistakes.” Well, that goes for clothes as well. We’ve all had them. Days where you feel awful in what you are wearing. Back in the good old carefree days of college, I took a fashion design class where we had to make our own pattern and sew a garment from the pattern. I’ve always had the propensity to buy clothes for which I have no lifestyle that would possibly give me an opportunity to wear that garment. That’s a mistake it’s taken me some time to learn from. It started in that class when I designed a slightly formal dress of white lace that should have been worn to a prom. After modeling it in the class fashion show, the dress never got out of the closet again. It was way too formal for me and the lace was scratchy and itchy and stiff. The point being that learning from fashion mistakes is a gift you give to yourself as those mistakes teach us what we feel and look good in.

When you feel confident and happy with what you are wearing, others see you that way too. So, accept your body, know what suits your personality, have a little fun with fashion and remember to learn from those times when mistake were made.


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