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Laredo to Paris. . .

Quote of the Week:

One could reasonably assume that the duster was, from the beginning, functional to wear and definitely always comfortable. So. . . just when did a duster coat become so fashionably chic?

Fascinating, isn’t it? How so many styles we wear today were originally created for a practical, specific purpose. So it is with the duster, a light, loose-fitting long coat. Originally, dusters were worn by cowboys in the 19th century in the American West to protect their clothing from trail dust.   At the turn of the twentieth century, both men and women wore dusters to protect their clothes from dirt and dust when riding in open automobiles.  Dusters were sometimes referred to as car coats or motoring jackets. So the duster coat, at least twice in its history, really was a “duster.”

Thank goodness the duster today creates drama in our wardrobe, regardless of what’s worn underneath. Because it’s cut long, loose and worn open without closures, unless you are using a button-up dress (unbuttoned, of course) as a duster, it’s very flattering on everyone, with or without a horse. From Dramatic to Romantic to Classic, there is a duster style to please every fashion persona and every figure.

Can’t end here without offering a few Duster tips for your consideration:

  • Check the length. Dusters can hang in there from anywhere below the knee to around the ankle but should never touch the floor on anyone of any height. Do not… I repeat do not take yourself out of the wearing of a duster because of height. I’ve seen dusters on pics of shorter fashionistas who look great in them. Big hint: if you are on the shorter side, wear a slim profile pant or skirt with the duster. Lucky you on the taller side, dusters look great with a wider leg pant.
  • Select a style and fabrication that suits your personality and needs. Are you having a “Downton Abbey” moment? Then go for the black lace duster just right of the more “Little House on the Prairie” look in the middle. Fabrication, of course, depends on the season of the year. A duster can literally be a winter coat or a summer bathing suit cover-up. They have style, function and purpose year round. How fun is that? A duster for every season and occasion!
  • I’m certain there are many more tips that I could offer up but I’ll stick to just one. Don’t limit yourself to what can be worn underneath a duster. Wear them over anything: skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, shorts, trousers, pencil skirts, dresses and yes.. a bathing suit. I’ve seen them for every season, figure and occasion and they look smashing on all of us.

My interpretation of Coco Chanel’s quote is that fashion is more general or collective in definition. It’s full of trends that come and go giving us multiple choices to express our own individual style. With style, the emphasis is on YOU and how you are expressed by the fashion you wear. And, while it might be tempting to wear a duster to just camouflage or modify your pre-conceived notions of “figure flaws” – don’t!

Pick a duster to honor who you are at the moment and parade it with your own style.

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