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Quote of the week:

“Life is not
about waiting
for the storm
to pass,
it’s about learning
to dance in the rain.”

~ unknown


I sit here tonight listening to raindrops, as they fall upon my skylights in a soothing, comforting sort of way and I just want to remind you that April showers really do bring May flowers so it “isn’t raining rain you know, it’s raining violets.”

Among this week’s trivia:

It’s a well known fact that romance blooms when being kissed in the rain; more great books are read when curled up in that over-sized wing back chair while rain tap dances on the window; sipping a latté and nibbling a cannoli in a drizzle can lead to an Italian vacation; a brisk walk in the rain burns those latté and cannoli calories faster than if it weren’t raining (scientific fact) and, lastly, if you walk and wait out the showers long enough, you’ll be in petrichor heaven which is what scientists call that amazing earthy garden scent that comes after a rainfall.

And, no worries! There won’t be a vocabulary quiz later on!

My advice for the week:

If you’re still not convinced of rain’s compelling charm, put on a Joules raincoat and experience one of life’s most interesting dilemmas — a raincoat so cute and flattering that you’ll want to wear it when it’s not raining. . . be it a red animal print, navy dog lover or black with foil bees, April showers will reign supreme until those flowers appear in May.

And last. . . but certainly not least:

How About You?

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