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Quote of the week:

Ah! “She Walks in Beauty” . . . one of Byron’s most famous lyric poems. It is said to have been inspired by an event in his life. On 11 June 1814 Byron attended a party in London. Among the guests was Mrs. Anne Beatrix Wilmot, wife of his first cousin, Sir Robert Wilmot. Byron was struck by her unusual beauty and the next morning the poem was written.

If adorned in the above Masai top, new into Sound Styles, one would definitely walk in “romantic” floral and softly draped beauty. Appropriately styled for the Easter Parade, Shelly has it featured this week in our Easter window.

I’m feeling romance in the air today. Can you tell?
Maybe it has something to do with paging my way through the latest copy of Victoria Magazine which, I’m convinced, is designed to nourish the feminine soul. Pages that make you want to step into them, full of vintage clothes, castles, cottages, cobblestone streets, gardens of tulips and lilacs and everything sweet. I haven’t been able to relinquish one issue of Victoria since I subscribed some ten years ago. They are lush with beauty and romance making each issue a cherished treasure.
While we all have a predominant fashion persona, I’ve never considered mine to be the Romantic one. However, that doesn’t mean a little of one persona can’t pay a visit to the more predominant one every now and then. Today is my day to wear a flowy, swiss dot, chiffon ruffled cardigan over my collared blouse and sip tea from my mother’s favorite English tea cup, one she bought while we were having a mother-daughter get-away visiting another Victoria. . . way up north in British Columbia.

“One sip of tea will bathe the drooping spirits in delight,
beyond the bliss of dreams.”
~ Milton

The romantic fashion persona embraces softness, femininity, lush textures, and a hint of vintage-inspired pieces. Beautiful, often delicate, fabric in flattering colors and prints (often floral) are important to the romantic. She is more drawn to dresses and skirts rather than anything too tailored. Accessories are usually a must and are often embellished with a bit of sparkle.

“Fashion expresses my Romantic state of mind.” ~ Laura Brunereau

And, I can only imagine that Laura’s romantic state of mind would be easily expressed in this fabulously feminine bold floral Tribal top with fluttery bell sleeves and tie-front. Why she might even get transported to a dreamy, more Romantic time. Who knows? Perhaps you would like to join her?

Not my intention here to go into deep detail about all the fashion personas. The point being that it’s OK to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks and multiple “persona” disorder need not apply here. You don’t need to feel boxed into one fashion persona when you’re drawn to several as you may, in fact, be a combination. With a little thought and creativity, you can have it all. Not only is it okay to mix and match, but it’s downright fun to bring an element of one persona into the image of another. After all, pearls and jeans with a touch of lace is a knockout!

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.”
~ Diane Von Furstenberg

And, just between you and me, should you “find” yourself curious and wanting to learn more of your own fashion persona. . . We can all help but Jenny has fine tuned this art, as she is really good at discovering just who you are, fashionably speaking that is. Part intuition, part keen perception and part fashion expertise all make for an expert who almost knows your fashion persona when you walk through our Sound Styles door. Come visit us one day soon with the goal in mind of discovering just a little more about your style. It’ll be fun.

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