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Quote for the week: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” ~ coco chanel
During this past year, there have been many restless, sleepless nights where I have found myself reclined on the sofa, watching reruns of ‘The Golden Girls’ and remembering when.

Can anyone relate?

I loved everything about that show but especially the fashion and most especially how they dressed Bea Arthur for her part as Dorothy. To say that those ladies represented the power of fashion in the 80’s is an understatement. And the symbol of that power was the mighty return from the 30’s and 40’s of the shoulder pad. Women marched into the office and onto movie and TV sets with renewed determination to “power dress” in order to compete with the shoulder pads in the suits of men, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Big Sigh!

Call it a Dorothy fixation if you must… but I have found it difficult to get out of the eighties long enough to let go of my shoulder pads.

“We gotta get Julie out of those shoulder pads!” so said one of my co-workers to another of my co-workers. Just who is who remains to be seen but said comment did fall back on to my ears through the grapevine and I had to chuckle.

I remember watching Oprah one weekday afternoon back in the 80’s when she revealed her love for a drawer filled with shoulder pads and how she couldn’t imagine her wardrobe without them. “God Bless shoulder pads” she exclaimed, as the designers on the show that day were dazzling us with ‘before and after’ shoulder pads.

Go Oprah! I felt the same after hearing a rather famous fashion designer pronounce that shoulder pads made a woman lose ten pounds and look inches taller. Hence, it’s been difficult to give up on the shoulder pad with those words ringing in my ears, even though that reluctance has made me somewhat of a relic. Actually… more than somewhat.

Even Oprah eventually emptied her drawer.

My interest in having some new clothes in my closet is perking up and it feels optimistically good to anticipate once again finding joy in my closet. I love that fashion is necessary and I love that it is a daily decision to be expressive and even artistic in what we decide. I’m looking forward to feeling more pulled together with an outfit from Sound Styles that’s been waiting in my closet for over a year now to once again go out in public.

But I also got curious about what’s new this year and started poking around.

Well. . . guess what? They’re popping up here and there again.

I know! I know! We’ve been hearing for several years now that the shoulder pad is going to make a comeback. Maybe this year will be the one, as I have seen them featured on several TV fashion segments and in fashion ads as well.

During the past ‘umpteen’ years or so, I have challenged the kind patience of my co-workers, as they have stifled their objections and amusement at my stubborn refusal to remove the shoulder pads from my wardrobe.

They’ll be happy to know that this past year has solved that. Who cares about shoulder pads when we aren’t going places like we used to? Who cares whether I look taller or ten pounds lighter these days when most of what I find myself doing is embracing comfort food?

Guess I’m the one that’s supposed to care and maybe I will again, if the shoulder pad truly does make a comeback. Wouldn’t you know it! Just when I’ve kicked the addiction, here comes a blazer and even a tee shirt with sewn in shoulder pads.

However, there’s a shoulder pad and then there’s a shoulder pad. While great in the 80’s, enormous is a bit too strong an adjective to apply to a shoulder pad these days.
There’s a saying that applies here: moderation in all things. A gentle added shape at the shoulders is a good thing. It gives you definition and the appearance of standing up straight, as our mothers used to admonish.

Ah Dear Bea! I guess it’s you and me. . . against the world!

So . . . How about you? Does anyone look forward to the return of shoulder pads?

Eager to hear your thoughts! Let’s talk!

And… by the way, thank you for ‘being a friend!’

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