“Hi Jules”

“Hi Jules! How’s life?”

Barely through the store’s front door and edging me out of my own ‘hello’ greeting, Sandy’s question made me smile and feel more welcome in my own space than she could possibly know.

Small town life bestows large gifts.

“There are so many people who don’t know small towns exist.” ~ Jan Karon

What a loss! Not to know the gifts of a small town.

And, to me, most of those gifts have been all of you who have so bestowed us with your humor, your kindness, your stories of daily life, your uplifting smiles and your words of wisdom about all things human… sometimes with just a touch of irony. But, above all else, your friendship and caring making us feel part of a family.

Small towns make up for their lack of people by having everyone be more interesting. ~  Doris “Granny D” Haddock   

Dear Doris…. What a wise observation. You have opened my eyes.


I think of Claire whose courage, humor and creativity abound from that painted head of hers.

I think of Cynthia who walks Louie around town looking like Maria Therese in her royal wardrobe.

I think of Elizabeth whose wise countenance always opens new vision.

I think of Carol with her infectious laugh.

I think of Joan who is my Saturday friend and makes me feel good about my suggestions for her wardrobe on an upcoming trip.

I think of glamorous Kay who fooled us all in those big white sunglasses. ‘Who is that?’ we all wondered when she walked in the front door eager to share her ‘joie de vie’ with all of us.

I think of Lili who, a few years back, went from zero to ten on the fashion scale and now delights in a wardrobe that makes her look “so good.”

I think of Leah who has a totem pole in her front yard and sews costumes for the local ballet and looks good in near everything she tries on. And that twinkle in her eye is the best accessory anyone could have.

I think of Miki and her head of gorgeous white hair who walks tall and proud around town….. lately needing a cane but so what!!

I could go on and on. I hope my message has been conveyed.

I adore and miss all my ‘more interesting’ friends. You brought such light and happiness to my life and I look forward to the joy of returning to greet, welcome and share stories with all of you about how life has been of late for all of us in our small corner of the world.

Until then… be safe and sound!

There is a comfortable feeling in small towns. It is salubrious. ~ Andie MacDowell

Ah! Salubrious indeed. Okay…. I had to go look it up but, if you want a short cut….

Just ask Justin at Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs.

10 thoughts on ““Hi Jules”

  1. What a great way to begin my day! Nothing quite like small towns, especially this dear Edmonds and so many of the folks who call it their home. ❤️ It is the owners and staff in the great variety of quality ‘small’ shops (and restaurants) that make our town so very special. The friendly greetings, the waves, the personal assistance, even remembering your names, and asking about family. Being raised in a much smaller, friendly town, I have been continually grateful that, soooo many years ago, I landed here, and can call Edmonds my home. Sound Styles has been a very big part! Thank you, thank you. Stay safe.

  2. Thank you Katie hauck 🌷🌷🌷

    On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 8:10 AM Sound Styles Soundings wrote:

    > Julie posted: ” “Hi Jules! How’s life?” Barely through the store’s front > door and edging me out of my own ‘hello’ greeting, Sandy’s question made me > smile and feel more welcome in my own space than she could possibly know. > Small town life bestows large gif” >

    1. Hi Katie! Hope all is well on “our” cul de sac. Miss your smile and happy countenance. Look forward to finding just the right top to add to your closet. One that will highlight all the best of your charm.

  3. Jenny–Thank you for your post. I will never forget the day I discovered Sound Styles and cautiously crept inside. One of the true joys of my life! I also loved the Jan Karon books and felt as if I knew the people who lived there. Stay safe and hope to see you one day soon! Susan Lampe

    1. Hi Susan! Julie here!! The post was heartfelt and from all of us at Sound Styles. We’re so glad that you “cautiously crept inside.” The rest was/is history as they say and it should definitely repeat itself when the time comes.

  4. Hi, Jules! Sandy here; my heart smiled when I opened Sound Styles latest Post!! I could almost hear myself saying that and how much I loved walking in the door to find you behind the counter. Our friendship has grown over the years and tho’ I know I wasn’t one of the shop’s “best customers’ you always made me feel welcome and would steer me to the “latest grey” piece and you would say…”that reminded me of you the minute I saw it!!” And sometimes I was even able to buy it. ;o) Life has changed for both of us in so many ways and the peace that I have only comes from “looking up” into the face of Jesus and realizing that He is in control! Much love to you, dear Jules! Hope to see you soon…

    1. Hi Sandy!! So good to hear your ‘voice.’ And… you did say that for sure. I still remember the day and the smile that came across my face. That greeting inspired the post. And, just for the record, I always thought of you all as our best customers and still do. Look forward to opening our door and seeing you all again soon.

  5. Jules..your words made the three of us laugh and smile..how we miss our Fridays and you and the gals are such a big part of it. I am so happy and grateful I live here in Edmonds and at this time I can walk Louie and look in SS windows and dream of shopping and laughing and enjoying the staff. This nightmare will end and we will take up where we left off. Thanks for the column..you have a gift. Cynthia

    1. Hi Cynthia… So glad to hear from you. Oh how I miss those Fridays!! We’ll have to find a time that you can walk by my garden with Louie and I can be on the balcony and say hi! I’m thinking of having a recurring “column” on the blog so your kind words encourage me to pursue the idea further. I’ve been going thru my closet, as i do when the seasons change, and many of my logo layers are getting tossed. My “fashion sense” is also changing of late. Ah well! You are right…. this too will pass!

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