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boots raven earrings begin as thin sheets of wood from quick growing birch trees.   The wood is treated as a canvas, each one painted with a rainbow of acrylics.   They are then hand cut into a myriad of shapes and layered.   In addition to acrylics, heat is used on some pieces to burn the wood or alter the paint.   Once the wood pieces are finished, they are drilled and sealed in a UV resistant clear acrylic coat.

Preconceived design rarely exists in this method.   The earrings are painted and built from the heart and in the moment, creating one of a kind pieces.   After the paint phase, the wood pieces are paired with beads and metals.   Most of the metal is aged in-house and sealed with an acrylic.   These lightweight earrings are finished with niobium ear wires which are hypo-allergenic and perfect for those with metal allergies.

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