4 thoughts on “Sound Styles SCARECROW 2017!

    1. Hi Katie…. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Shelly’s creativity continues to amaze! Lucky us to go to work each day and be inspired!

  1. I love “Sugar”! She is so cultural and so much better than the demonic, scary, ugly side of that so much of our Halloween has become. Halloween is a derivative of “Hallowed Eve” which is the evening before “All Saints’ Day,” the day in which Christians used to remember their dearly departed loved ones in a special service at church, much like our current Memorial Day. They would then go to the cemetery and put flowers on the family graves. The night before, they would often build bonfires (in the pagan custom which held on for quite a long time after Christianity became prevalent) to scare away the evil spirits so their loved ones’ spirits could be present for the services. This was all in Europe, of course. It seems the Mexicans also had a similar custom, only with more flowers and candles and special food of the loved ones which they took to the graves and set up in an all night vigil. The two cultures, European and Indian, merged and have coexisted to this day. It’s a lovely time of remembrance and joy that death is not the end, that families and friends are reunited in the afterlife!

    Thank you for reading this, and thank you for educating the community! I love the bright colors and the love and the flowers and the family aspect of Nov. 1 and 2 so much more! Do you have any orange marigolds in your window? Big ones? Maybe zinnias would be more like the ones in Mexico. That is the flower they use in bouquets for the graves. And have you ever had the Día de los Muertos Bread? I have a recipe if you would like to hand it out to your customers! Or you could look one up on line. It’s a sweet breakfast type bread with a little anis flavoring.

    (Try to find one that doesn’t take 6 hours to make. I use the bread in a roll in the cooler section, form it into a round, and kind of drop the anis into the middle of it. Then I bake the bread and sprinkle the sugar on the top after it comes out of the oven. I’m not patient enuf to let the dough rise, punch down and rise again!)

    Hugs, Ellen

    On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Sound Styles Soundings wrote:

    > shelly posted: ” ” >

    1. Hi Ellen and thank you so very much for taking the time to educate us even further. The bread sounds delicious and maybe I can find some marigolds to add to the window. They might have to be faux at this time of year but they’ll brighten the scene anyway. Your enthusiastic participation in our effort is very much appreciated.

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