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Tulip times two

tulip text 2


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And… while we all must grow up (or must we?)… ’cause two obviously devoted sisters still love their shopping sprees and playing dress up in Sound Styles. They were having lots of fun last week… and we got to participate and share in the fun and enthusiasm. They were good sports, as we brought them item after item to try on for our impromptu fashion show. All of us who work in Sound Styles, enjoy all of you who shop in Sound Styles. Some days our cups just runneth over with the fun of what we do.

Thank you! Thank you to Beth and her sister Pam who makes an annual visit to Sound Styles when she is in town from Colorado. Your smiles and charm and willingness to play are contagious and Shelly and I were happy to become ‘infected’ with your joie de vie.

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