Feeling Particularly Thankful

Something very special happened for me on the evening of our recent 30 Year Anniversary Soirée. I experienced our store that evening in a new, and shall I say, perhaps more comprehensive way. The evening started out with many kind congratulations for me and my mom on our 30 years, which was very kind, but I soon felt something “bigger” start to take place. The evening began to take on an almost magical feel to me. I remember looking around at one point and seeing not only customer/friends in attendance, but our employees, several sales reps, other Edmonds merchants, clothing company owners, family members and even a Hansville church member. The room was so full of such wonderful and positive energy. So many people were smiling. There was food. There was music. A special group of good people had all come to a good place with good intentions of having a good time, and they were having a good time. What could be more good? We had simply set the stage in the form of an Anniversary event. Wow! I felt humbled.

Someone famous said a long time ago, (over 30 years), that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that evening proved it to be so true. We thank each one of you for your part in the magic of the evening. We are still feasting on the memory of the whole event. I want to do it all again, but then I hear my dad’s words. For now I’ll just enjoy the memory.

Thanks again, Jenny & Dolores

12 thoughts on “Feeling Particularly Thankful

  1. Jenny and Delores! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating 30 years! So hard to believe! I want you to know that I am so thankful for the two of you as well as Mary, Julie and Shelly!

    What we would ladies do without each of you helping us get out of our old ways and attempt new things! I for one have found greater confidence in a variety of settings because I never have to worry about how I look. Who thought at my age I still need your help to dress! Most people think I am at least 10 years younger because you help me look young!

    I wish you both the best of success as you continue you journey!

  2. I love Sound Styles and the warmness that always comes through. Remember that song wherein they sang “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”? Edmonds is fortunate to have you!

  3. Congratulations! You have done well! I would have come to enjoy the fun but for my awkwardness in a crowd. Sandy said it was a beautiful setting, well attended, and enjoyed her time there. Be blessed as time goes by. Ern. Sent from my iPhone


  4. Thank you Sound Styles for a wonderful celebration of your store. I always feel welcome and you are always are so helpful. You are a wonderful asset to our community. Thank-you again for a delightful evening. Donna Neighbors

  5. Jenny, it sounds like it was a wonderful 30th year Anniversary celebration! I was sorry that I was not in town to be a part of the celebration! Look forward to seeing you in November.
    Toni Mountain

  6. Dear Jenny & Dolores,

    Thank you for including me in this delightful e-mail of “Thanksgiving” of your recent 30 Year Anniversary Soiree’ to all your friends; most timely considering the forthcoming holiday!

    God’s blessings to each of you there and your families always.

    Love in Jesus,



    1. Blessings to you and yours as well Joann. So fun to have you attend our soirée. Thanks, too, for your friendship. Keep that twinkle!

  7. Dear Jenny, That is a lovely picture of you and your Mom. Thank you for sending it. I am sorry I couldn’t make it but I am not doing well and walking or standing are very hard right now. What else can I expect when I will be 90 yrs. on my next birthday in the Spring? Thanks, again. Marji Bigford

    Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015 21:08:01 +0000 To: frb_marji@msn.com

    1. Yes, Marji, we missed you. So many fond memories of you and Frank. You are such a dear. And 90!! Wow! Stop by when you can. Sending hugs, Jenny

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