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Something very special happened for me on the evening of our recent 30 Year Anniversary Soirée. I experienced our store that evening in a new, and shall I say, perhaps more comprehensive way. The evening started out with many kind congratulations for me and my mom on our 30 years, which was very kind, but I soon felt something “bigger” start to take place. The evening began to take on an almost magical feel to me. I remember looking around at one point and seeing not only customer/friends in attendance, but our employees, several sales reps, other Edmonds merchants, clothing company owners, family members and even a Hansville church member. The room was so full of such wonderful and positive energy. So many people were smiling. There was food. There was music. A special group of good people had all come to a good place with good intentions of having a good time, and they were having a good time. What could be more good? We had simply set the stage in the form of an Anniversary event. Wow! I felt humbled.

Someone famous said a long time ago, (over 30 years), that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that evening proved it to be so true. We thank each one of you for your part in the magic of the evening. We are still feasting on the memory of the whole event. I want to do it all again, but then I hear my dad’s words. For now I’ll just enjoy the memory.

Thanks again, Jenny & Dolores

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