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All Americano


“All Americano”  Okay! Okay!

Is that the drink at Starbuck’s you ask?  Or did we mean to say All Americana?

We adore you Shelly!

Whether by intention or not, we love the Americano/Americana window.

You’ve gone and done it again… a window that brings delight to all of us with the gift of you as an added bonus.  Thank goodness you walked through our door a few years back with a resume of talent that made us take notice.  A bit of bewilderment as to “why us?” but not for long as we’ve been reaping the benefits ever since.

And, amongst the litany of Americana that Shelly brought to our windows this 4th of July, is a picture of her grandparents, along with some of the letters written by her grandfather during wartime.  Americana and memories that all of us can reflect upon.


So… if you have some time this week, pass by our windows and pause long enough to enjoy a feel good “americana” moment with special thanks to Shelly.


We hope you all enjoy this beautiful summer we are experiencing and have a terrific 4th of July weekend.

Happy Birthday America!

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tulip logo

Our customers have been loving this new line called tulip! Pieces have been flying out of the store window and racks! Literally out of the window because Shelly did a beautiful display this past month with all of our Tulip pieces featured.  So we’re excited to let you know that two new boxes of Tulip have arrived just this week.
Launched in 2010, Tulip Clothing features cotton separates with mixes of weaves and prints and just  enough serious whimsy in their design to capture the imagination of so many of you. Flounced tops and full trousers feel like chic play clothes yet offer comfort and ease of wear. Exceptional artisan and sustainable workmanship makes each piece of Tulip a favorite to mix, match and collect.
With only one piece available in each size (S – XL),  they find new owners quickly so come take a look this weekend and see if there’s a Tulip waiting to blossom in your closet!


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