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As the bright colors of Spring 2015 come pouring in…
I can’t wear orange” has already been expressed by several customers and it is only February 9. We understand that these types of comments are simply a response to the newness that every fashion season unfolds, and this spring orange is out in the forefront. It’s a biggie.
So, we decided to google “orange/fashion” and see what popped up. Voila! Orange has really made a name for itself. Quite a list of sites showed up. But one in particular caught our attention. We clicked on it and found these tips for wearing orange. Nothing that is rocket science, just a few useful thoughts that someone else had already come up with. Like, check the shade and select the right one for yourself because Oranges come in both cool and warm shades. And, always wear it in moderation with flattering colors.
Here’s what else we learned….


  • Whether a t-shirt, scarf or floppy skirt, paired with a denim jacket orange really pops. How fun is that?
  • Pair it with a neutral like navy, olive or khaki. You’ll also see it with black, but for many this combo screams Halloween. Unless, of course, these two are together in a print.
  • Avoid head to toe orange. This is definitely not rocket science!
  • Wear it with white. So fresh!
  • Start out with one piece like a bangle or a tank top. I even bought an orange vase last year because I just wanted to enjoy looking at a pop of the beautiful color without wearing it.
  • orange3in
    Now I’m hooked.
    So, you can wear orange.  Come in and let’s talk more. We’ll show you how.  After all, life is just too short to wear boring clothes.

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