Speaking of hats…

Speaking of hats…
young hat 3ena joint Staff Pick from us…
Some sixty years or so ago when my mother first dressed me in a hat and coat for Easter Sunday, as if I were quite the young lady, I instantly became one! I felt oh so special and owned the title, young lady. Funny how that works! A great hat can change your entire persona and put a spring in your step. ~Julie
How about you?

What was the first hat that you remember wearing?
We hope you’ll have some fond hat memory to share with us, whether it be the first or another hat.  We’d love to hear your stories.
~Julie and Shelly
Says our very own Shelly, Hats make me feel good!  I love hats.

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There’s just something special about a woman in a hat… Betmar Philosophy

Scarves, mittens and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather. Our store is full to the brim with great selections of all three… gifts for you or someone you love!

4 thoughts on “Speaking of hats…

  1. First remembering wearing straw hats for Easter Sunday. Really made of straw I think?! Loved them with the ribbon around the brims. Then next memory was of those hand knit (Angora) wide headband style, tied under the chin with pom-poms on the end. Mom knit us a new one as soon as they didn’t cover our ears anymore. Fond memories.

    1. Hi Sheryl… Love your image of the angora with pom poms! Believe it or not, we have some beautiful scarves in the store right now with those pom poms attached and they’re really cute. Thanks so much for sharing a great memory!

  2. Sorry my comment posted twice!! I didn’t think it took the first time.  I hope you can delete one of them. Thanks so much!! Sheryl

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